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  1. K Maps - Terrible service...

    Thanks Andrew i have pm you.
  2. K Maps - Terrible service...

    Hi Andrew, That would be brilliant although i am in London myself Thursday and im not sure what time i will be back. How much would you want for the ecu? If i can't get back in time Thursday perhaps we can sort something out in the nee year? Regards
  3. K Maps - Terrible service...

    Hopefully Miles i have saved you the aggro. It is a none vvc .
  4. K Maps - Terrible service...

    Hi all, Just would like to make you all aware of the service i have recieved from the company K Maps. This company has great reviews and feedback, i even spoke to a couple of Lotus owners who had used the company and recommended them. The process involved adding another ecu and keeping the old ecu to run the stack. I was happy with the feel of the car and the nice burble sound i was now getting. Here is where it went down hill... Due to the existing cover not being able to fit over the now 2 Ecu's they were left with no protection. I was told I'd have a cover sent out to me as soon as he could get one fabricated. This of course did not happen. I left text messages and voicemails until i finally made contact for him to tell me he cannot get one for me. Of course with no ecu cover, moisture had managed to get into the Ecu plug. I have lost my speedo, odometer and temperature reading. I called back up for him to tell me to send my ecu up to him for repair work. The ecu was with him for almost 9 weeks before he eventually told me he could not repair it. He said would try ane locate another ecu for me and now he will not answer calls or messages left. I honestly do not think he took one look at the ecu and no i am left even worse off than before with no ecu and a car i no longer use!
  5. Stack Issue

    I can always double check that with the S2 see if it matches up. Cheers Jonathan.
  6. Stack Issue

    Thanks Jonathan, I've managed to find 1 earth point which is connected to the lhs chassis. Light started to fade last night so i called it a day and gave up. Theres another one up front under the drivers side compartment which i haven't looked at yet. Yes I've disconnected battery to try and reset any faults. No luck though. I've also tried the stack reset. Unless someone has any info on what wire is what within the stack i think i will just have to wait! Can't find anything online regarding the wiring on a Stack unit. Thanks again.
  7. Stack Issue

    Thanks for the info Jonathan. Ive checked wiring visually, check connections on Stack and speed sensor and on ecu and cannot see anything that would cause the issue. I've also changed the temp sensor and still the temp is reading 999c and flashing I've spoken to Gaz but can't get the car over to him until beginning of October. Could you elaborate on a bad earth and how to test this/what to look for? Thanks
  8. Stack Issue

    Sorry, S2 Rover
  9. Stack Issue

    Hi all, been for a little drive this afternoon and noticed my stack acting weird. Speedo was bobbing up and down when still. Then the temp gauge now reads 999c and is flashing intermittently. The speedo now doesnt work at all. Everything else is fine. Any ideas?
  10. Toe Link Advice

    I never track my car and my toe link failed. Standard road tyres too. I use it for pottering around Birmingham B roads at the weekend, maybe a few long trips on the motorways. As Jonathan said it probably is overkill but atleast you'll have piece of mind. Luckily for me i wasn't going very fast when my toe link failed.
  11. Toe Link Failure

    Cheers for the info guys. Will be doing it on a regular. I have purchased the spitfire upgrade as suggested by Deanb and Gav at Unit 4. Looks like a great piece of engineering i must say.
  12. Toe Link Failure

    So....after the failure, which was a rather scary experience. I find out its quite a common issue with the older elise'. Luckily i wasn't driving particularly fast at the time and somehow managed to pull the car back and gain control. After having words with Gav at Unit 4 and DeanB i thought the best solution was the Spitfire kit. Expensive...but you can't put a price on safety. This should be done next week sometime, but if there is anyone who hasn't had a toe link change I'd recommend giving them a thorough check to avoid. Perhaps i need to spend sometime doing some more research and earning some moe cash to pay for some upgrades
  13. Respray Cost And Recommendation

    Did you get a qoute? Just wonder myself what the cost of a full respray would be?
  14. Wales 2015

  15. Convoy


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