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    Honda conversion
  1. Looking at them black circles at a decent price.
  2. I'll have a look at these Ad08r I have heard a bit about them of scatty.
  3. My fronts are 195 16's rear 225 17's.can 205's on the front be fitted without problem's??
  4. Looking at ad08's I see some big price range on some companies,is there any difference on specific?. I have team dynamic wheels pro race1.2's.
  5. Anyone have a recommend for a s2 honda,I'm on toyo's but up for replace.ideas would be greatful.
  6. Ya better check your speed scatty
  7. In the peak
  8. On the peak
  9. Thanks guys for great honda elise quote and customer service team,will recommend
  10. Just had a great paint job done on my s2 at my friend neil's heavenly bodies peterborough.He's a genius !!! really passionate about doing these cars.He's done both my s1 and s2 hardtops and shroud,he does full body repair/paint at a fraction of the cost of other paint sprayers.really recommended him.
  11. AIB came up Tom's £399,good customer service had a stand at brands hatch.
  12. Welcome m8
  13. Sounds good,reis was 430 5k cap and no track day . mine should be cheaper cos have clean licence scatty ???? I'll give em a shot.
  14. Does your insurance company cover you for head bumps when you get in ????!! Reis are coming out better at the mow.
  15. Cheeky @#//^&* scatty,I'll have a look at em