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  1. Kieran My Exige doesn’t look like those photos at all... I’ll try and get a close up photo later on. To me those pics almost looks as if moisture (and mould) have got into the film and stayed there. Oddly I’m doing the S1 in Lizard Green so just shows I need to get the film right as I would be crying if it looked like that in a couple of years!
  2. Thanks DaveB I had some parts done on the S2 Exige a few years ago, seem to recall it was xpel and it held up very well. The small line you get from the edge of the film is slightly noticeable if you’re looking for it* however these small plastic cars are so prone to stone chips that I can live with a small film line if it means far less chips in the paint. * possibly less noticeable on an S2 than an S1 Elise? Be interested in thoughts on this but still think I’d go for it tbh - might just mean more film higher up the clam I guess.
  3. Hey guys Hope everyone is well and enjoying your weekends. So my S1 re-build is getting going again, carpets fitted today, headlight covers and one seat fitted (grr! wasn’t easy!) - next one is scheduled for tomorrow. Any decent tool recommendations for getting at the bolts into the floorpan? Also, I’m looking at PPF film - probably just the front part of the clam and a little on the rear of the wheel arches. Are there any recommendations for supply and fit in the midlands area - car is located near Uttoxeter at the moment. Cheers Jim

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    Looking for a used S2 Cat as mines bitten the dust and I can't a new one for over a week. I'm preferably looking for a standard cat as prefer the quieter approach, if you have one that you don't need then please let me know. Happy to pick up. Thanks in advance Jim


    Ashbourne - GB

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