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  1. I suspect you already know this but, you'll always have some problems when building a car with non standard parts, its character building.
  2. I have one, but its in bits at the moment as the ram seal started to leak. If you can wait a couple of weeks you're welcome to borrow it.
  3. The only lock problem I ever had with our car was that it wouldn't lock, I changed the central locking module and that cured it. However your problem seems a bit stranger...... Although if you can try someone elses CLM it might help.
  4. I'm currently waiting for riders to confirm they can do that date, I've given them all until the end of the week........ Bike is still in bits with no paint on it, although I am hoping to sort that over this weekend!
  5. My thoughts too, from a time when England (Lucas) and Italy did battle over who could produce the crappiest electrics! Great to see NOS though!
  6. Another excellent result! No problems with the Lifan then? Are you running an oil cooler on it? Think I might be making our bike a bit too pretty to race......
  7. I think asset rich, cash poor is probably an accurate description.He's a former race engineer for several car (F1) and bike (moto gp) race teams and has 'collected' stuff over the years.....
  8. I find that cut wood doesn't burn as well as split logs do in our old 1930's woodburners. Anyone else had that?
  9. A friend of mine is restoring a Dino and a DB5, and six Norton Commandos. A very talented bloke!
  10. I worry looking at the cleanliness of it all, that it'll get driven less than the 340r! Crack on!
  11. Pilot is a good friend of a friend.
  12. I am currently rebuilding a C90 race bike and a 1988 NSR250. I have another two NSR's, a C90 and my Bantam to rebuild as well as rebuilding my Audi turbo Scamp......... I really don't have time to go to work!
  13. Not sure if Elaine will be riding yet..... I've just had delivered some alloy rims, trying to make it light as we can while keeping costs reasonable (its not working!). I got my 90 off eBay, young lad had listed it under vehicle parts so many people missed it. I sent him a message offering £240 and could collect that night. The 70 which is going to be the race bike was off the c90club forum, cost £350 as a runner, came with a spare bottom end and other bits. Sold the engine for £125 and the bottom end for £50. Which paid for the Lifan! I've got some yss front shocks too hopefully they might tame the front end a bit! lol I'll post some more pics when I've got a bit more done to it.
  14. Hahaha the bike is completely stripped, not even got any paint on it! Don't think I could get it built and run in (new engine) in 20 odd days - well evenings! It'll be proper sorted for next year. *notice the 'wtf have I bought look'*
  15. You do know that now you're a civvy, you are allowed to wear different clothes each day, eh?