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  1. NLC - new WW2 TV series.

    Starts this Monday at 9pm, I'm getting ready to cringe! http://player.theplatform.com/p/Q7ZnIC/RecommendedDefaults/select/media/9iCzmQJRjUjm
  2. My mum used one for work (district nurse) for 4 years in the 90's. Didn't break, although it was quite new back then.
  3. NLC - new WW2 TV series.

    Yes, I did think of you when I saw we were at Woodhall. Shame you can't make it.
  4. NLC - new WW2 TV series.

    No Lotus Content. Name of the show hasn't been finalised yet. We're doing a bit more filming this Saturday at the Woodhall Spa 40's weekend.
  5. NLC - new WW2 TV series.

    We had such a laugh filming. I have to say Suggs is a genuinely nice bloke with a very dry sense of humour! We found some great relics and interesting stories. Hoping it's a success, it would be great to have a second series!
  6. For the past six weeks I have been involved with the filming of a new WW2 series for the History Channel (Elaine makes an appearance in some episodes too). The eight episodes should be aired this autumn.
  7. Your best MLOC memory so far

    Nearly burning down The Clock Warehouse at a Christmas party. Although I blame Chris H....
  8. I suspect you already know this but, you'll always have some problems when building a car with non standard parts, its character building.
  9. Anyone lend me an engine crane?

    I have one, but its in bits at the moment as the ram seal started to leak. If you can wait a couple of weeks you're welcome to borrow it.
  10. Strange Key Problem

    The only lock problem I ever had with our car was that it wouldn't lock, I changed the central locking module and that cured it. However your problem seems a bit stranger...... Although if you can try someone elses CLM it might help.
  11. My thoughts too, from a time when England (Lucas) and Italy did battle over who could produce the crappiest electrics! Great to see NOS though!
  12. I worry looking at the cleanliness of it all, that it'll get driven less than the 340r! Crack on!
  13. That works out well then.
  14. Leigh, tried to message you but you're not accepting messages! I've asked my mate James about picking the car up on his trailer, it's no problem! (Apart from he's away at the end of the month/beginning of next doing the Monte). Drop us a message and we'll get something sorted.