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  1. Reg

    S2 Exige value...

    Well I'm not sure.... it's not advertised for sale. But the lad who owns it replied to my post on Scottish Elises, saying that he's "got his eye on something and everything has a price"... Although he's not replied to the message yet.
  2. There used to be stages around Bardon quarry. Car's looking great too! 😉
  3. I know a bit of 'how long is a piece of string' but what sort of money would a 2004 S2 Exige (NA) with 30k ish miles be worth? I'm guessing more than the 20k we sold it for in 2010! Cheers
  4. The foam in the back of both of my seats has disintegrated. The leather and fabric are as new. Has anybody replaced their foam? Suppliers etc? Cheers!
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    As new, spine is not cracked or pages creased. From 2007 or 8 (I think). Price includes postage.


    Whitwick, Leicestershire - GB

  6. Great news that it's getting towards paint. My personal favourite shade is the 3rd one, 375c..., although I am colour blind!
  7. Has the sump been modified? Or oil pick up? Just wondering if a crank web is catching something....
  8. Red one is a Hawk, white one is a Transformer cars... 😉
  9. I suspect you already know this but, you'll always have some problems when building a car with non standard parts, its character building.
  10. My thoughts too, from a time when England (Lucas) and Italy did battle over who could produce the crappiest electrics! Great to see NOS though!
  11. I worry looking at the cleanliness of it all, that it'll get driven less than the 340r! Crack on!
  12. Leigh, tried to message you but you're not accepting messages! I've asked my mate James about picking the car up on his trailer, it's no problem! (Apart from he's away at the end of the month/beginning of next doing the Monte). Drop us a message and we'll get something sorted.
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