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Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

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Johnny Boy

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  1. Mates car booked in with http://www.prestigew...alloy-wheels-c1 this week Thanks once again
  2. Thanks gents I will pass info on.
  3. A mate wants his Merc SLK wheels refurbished does anyone have any recommendations for the Birmingham area ?
  4. Martin, Condolences on your loss, donation made
  5. Hi Colin, Looks very nice. There is a sprint on at Curborough tomorrow Sun 10th July. I am not entered but the Freddie, Justin and Rob are. I will be there at some point spectating, bring the elan along it will get a good reaction John
  6. The head is off, looks ok will get it tested. The liners are virtually flush with block, what to do next eh
  7. Thanks to Dan Webster AT HPE Noticed play in front OS Wheel bearing Saturday 18th June and some noise only from 30 mph plus. Was due to compete in sprint at Curborough Sunday 26th June Sunday, removed uprights from car, text Dan, expecting reply on Monday, Dan replied within 10 minutes saying bring them in tomorrow (Monday 20th) Called in on Monday at 10.00am left at 11.15am both bearings heated pressed in and out Nice cup of tea chat about Elises S1’s, K series engines, honda conversions etc Fitted uprights to car Thursday test driven and competed on Sunday Many thanks Dan, much appreciated, very good value for money, would have posted sooner but was preoccupied
  8. Cheers Martin, Thankfully the crank pulley is off. Keen to see condition of cylinder head, block/liner heights etc
  9. VVC 160 Engine acquired intention to strip down, rebuild as replacement in my S1 Just about to remove Cylinder Head is it best practice to lock crankshaft prior to removing Head Bolts Cant lock using flywheel as there is not one attached to engine
  10. I wondered where you kept disappearing to Colin.....
  11. Martin that's a good time for figure of 8 Hmmmm.....I have a cunning plan......!
  12. The day went well all 3 Lotus finished within 0.8 of a second of each other 67.99, 68.25 and 68.91 for a double lap. Nice and Sunny as well. At least one additional MLOCer turned up (Colin) , there was a couple of other Elises/Exiges in car park plus lots of other interesting cars.
  13. I am getting a strange clinking noise from behind driver seat sounds like metal on metal, it occurs when I pull away or slow down in 1st or 2nd gear. I have had driver seat out dismantled the frame, removed passenger seat, removed osr wheel arch liner, removed seat belts, removed os speaker pod, removed under trays and had good inspection. Could it be roll over valve near fuel filler. The only other area I have yet to check is the petrol tank bay, was going to remove shear panel to inspect. Does not seem to be causing problem, just annoying. Have recently changed head gasket etc so it’s possible a washer or fixing has dropped into a void. Any ideas.
  14. BMMC Sprint at Curborough Saturday 14th May Three Lotus Elise entered all S1's, no charge for spectators usually good day out if you are a Petrol Head.
  15. Car has done 550 miles now all seems ok.