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  1. 2012 1.6 OEM exhaust - would it sell?

    Not really helping with the question, but can I ask why 8" as according to Jim's website the available options are 6"/7" (but I read somewhere that maybe the 7" option is no longer available...have I just answered my own question lol...)?
  2. Ultimax Turbo Discs And Yellow Stud Pads ?

    I need to replace the rears only at this time and after reading the various discussions and looking at alternative (slightly cheaper) options I'm sticking with the advice I received and going with EBC Ultimax discs and standard Pagid pads. I guess I could look to use more superior pads when the front discs need replacing (not before next year hopefully).
  3. Your First Lotus Drive Of 2017

    Not a great pic I'm afraid but I did pop out this afternoon for 'a loaf of bread and pint of milk'. A round trip of 40 odd miles through the Warks & Oxon countryside. And what a stunning afternoon it was