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  1. Not really helping with the question, but can I ask why 8" as according to Jim's website the available options are 6"/7" (but I read somewhere that maybe the 7" option is no longer available...have I just answered my own question lol...)?
  2. I need to replace the rears only at this time and after reading the various discussions and looking at alternative (slightly cheaper) options I'm sticking with the advice I received and going with EBC Ultimax discs and standard Pagid pads. I guess I could look to use more superior pads when the front discs need replacing (not before next year hopefully).
  3. Not a great pic I'm afraid but I did pop out this afternoon for 'a loaf of bread and pint of milk'. A round trip of 40 odd miles through the Warks & Oxon countryside. And what a stunning afternoon it was
  4. To clarify, I asked 2 questions if anybody knows the answers to them? I don't. Either way, we've been warned...
  5. But work only when variable speed limits are in force? And there is zero tolerance - if the speed limit is reduced to 60 and you're doing 61 you will be snapped and then it's just a question of whether they want to enforce?
  6. The insurance on my Elise is due for renewal and I'm ringing around. Your current insurer may require you to notify them of the accident (and you will probably have to declare it next premium year anyway). Even if you make a no fault claim, this could increase your premium next year (depends on the insurer apparently). And may depend on the level of your excess (hence the advice to get a quote first). Worth contacting your broker if you have one before deciding what's best for you.