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  1. Elise S3 Re gassing

    Thanks for that. Looks like I will have to live without air con for some time. Can’t be bothered to pull the pipes. ?
  2. Elise S3 Re gassing

    Checked the air con today no gas so tried a pressure check and found it’s not holding any pressure at all. Does anyone know what the usual failures are with the Elise system
  3. Elise S3 Re gassing

    Brill. Thanks for your help.
  4. Elise S3 Re gassing

    Anyone know where the air con regassing ports are a on an Elise S3
  5. Lotus Elite Workshop Manual

    Post on www.lotusexcel.net. As it is the home of the wedge
  6. Elise S3 DLRs

    My Elise S3 is a 2011 so no warranty, the single led failure I have on the near side DRL is at the moment an inconvenience but if one had gone out otjers may follow. I was asking if any one had a fix other than buying a new unit as costs are anything between £800 and £1500.
  7. Elise S3 DLRs

    Elise S3. Hate to be rude but u Rc looking at £800 go £1500 to sort otherwise. Oh and trust me it isn’t just my problem
  8. Elise S3 DLRs

    Does anyone have any information on repairing the DLRs when the LEDs start to fail?
  9. 2009 Fob Reprogram

    I have been in touch with my local Lotus dealership as I have fob issues and they are going to replace the complete system for around £200 including new fob and keys. Very reasonable I thought. Oh I have a 2011 S3
  10. 2009 Fob Reprogram

    Did u get anywhere with this as I have a 2011 S3 with the same issue.
  11. 6.5" Speaker Upgrade

    Focal speakers are some of the best.
  12. Phil

    just to let you know brakes all sorted now, nice new 310mm rotors and all the judder gone. See you on the run. 



  13. Blue is the colour

    1989 excel SEI
  14. Eclat Other

    Eclat Other

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