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    I'm in need of a couple of the inner rear lights from an S2 Exige, but i believe they were also fitted to other models too. These are the fog / reverse lights. Would be willing to buy a complete set of 4, as i could understand if someone didn't want to split a set. Lotus part number is A120M0035F


  2. Heard about Autoglass and the likes doing them before, and they like to do them at the workshop, and the master fitters do them.
  3. Dan has looked after my Exige for years
  4. Dan @ HPE has serviced my Exige for a good few years now, can't recommend enough.....and I'm picky with garages
  5. I have loads of stuff in the garge with my car, and the indoor covr is worth every penny to stop it getting scratched when squeezing past it etc. My garage is attached to the side of the house, isn't insulated, but no matter how many times you clean it out, always seesm to be full of dust etc, the cover just protects this. I have been guilty of putting the cover on when it has been dirty, lesser of two evils really. Life with two young kids and trying to renovate a house is busy enough, and on the rare occasion i get time to take the Exige out, i hardly ever have time to clean it af
  6. My S2 Exige S has just been valued at 28k by a specialist dealer from SELOC 2006 with 72k miles
  7. Need to find a manufacturer that makes quite thin helmets...... Toying with the idea of spacing the steering wheel closer to me, and then just slouching in the seat. Don't want to shell out for a tillet seat, and then find i still have the same problem
  8. I am 6'4", and just fit in with half inch clear room above my head. Have a removable steering wheel, which means i can JUST get my knees under it, if i wear shoes with thin soles. My biggest issue is working out how to gain a bit more headroom so i can fit in there wth a lid on for track days. If anyone has any bright ideas i'm all ears
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