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  1. Greg.g

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Well I have got my Boring Mans Wheels. Took it for a spirited drive round North Wales yesterday. Plenty of power, but it certainly ain't a Lotus. The "alive" sensation the Lotus gives you was absent, but still an involving drive. As a future sole car though, it was the right decision. Not looking to move immediately, but if the right property became available, it could be on. We will still keep an eye on MLOC. Plenty of freinds on here. If a little bloke in a black M135 gives you a wave then humour him Greg
  2. Greg.g

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Well, we said our goodbyes to Lizzy this morning as she drove away with her new owner. He is a member on here and i know she will be well looked after, but it's still hard parting. Thanks again to all those that helped making our Lotus ownership so pleasurable over the years. Maybe bump into some of you again in our boring hatchback. Greg & Ali
  3. Greg.g

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Well pending funds and replacing the original number plate she is going to a new home I wont say who the new owner is, but a true enthusiast so she should be well looked after. This happened much quicker than I had anticipated. The thought of selling my elise had been lurking at the back of my head for the last couple of years. I knew that when I take early retirement it would not be very practical to keep 2 vehicles on the road and over the last 3 years she has only covered 2k miles. I know that for some this a lot, but for me it felt that she was not been used properly. the seed was planted. So starting a new phase in life. I will still remain lurking on here even after purchasing a boring little "replacement". I have met some good people on here and consider them friends. A change of car wont change that. So ta ta from myself and Ali for now. By the way, she is gutted! Greg
  4. Greg.g

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Cheers Martin
  5. Greg.g

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    God, its hard this is. Its like choosing to go to the dentist for route canal work I never have been much of a car swapper. Its more like one of the family and thinking of putting her up for sale. I must be going mad... again Wibble
  6. Hi all. Have not posted on here for some time. This is going to be a bit of a rambling post, on a subject no doubt covered many times. I have owned my elise for 14 years now and loved every minute. She had 16000 miles on her when I adopted her. She now has 91k. Having done numerous euro trips and a few track days she has been very well looked after. A few careful upgrades and plenty of care and attention later, and I do not seem to be driving her much these days. Those that know me will know how much I care for this car. So to my dilemma. I plan on taking early retirement within the next couple of years and moving up to the peak district. I doubt my budget will stretch to a property with a garage. At present my daily drive is a van. When I move I do not like the idea of leaving my lotus parked on the road and logic says that a single car would be a better option for a newly retired person. I also plan on getting another dog so a hatch back would be the sensible option. I still enjoy my driving so want to retain a little bit of fun when it comes to " I cant call it a replacement car" for my lotus. Having done a bit of research, it would appear that a M135i would fit the bill. I don't think that I will be putting my elise up for sale till the spring. Even less the thought tyre kickers who fancy a bit of a spin. I will be looking for £13k If anyone on here knows of a potential buyer, then let me know. My elise has a full lotus specialist service history. She had a cambelt service less than a 1000 miles ago. Its hard to consider these things Greg
  7. Greg.g

    En route To stelvio

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    snow rear

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    snow group

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    reims rear

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    I Do have A hood!

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    Hay group

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    Col Du turini

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