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  1. ^ this, all a mechanical polish does it take a fine layer of lacquer off, it will be residue off the polishing process that stops the film sticking, if cleaned and prepped properly it will be fine, paintwork on the clam on mine was like glass before the film was applied.
  2. Had full protective film fitted to mine last year, the car was 8 years old and had been mechanically polished by the dealer before I bought it. No problem with the film sticking, I went for ventureshield. Luckily only had a few stone chips prior, touched them all in and flatted back myself, once the film is on you really can't see them at all.
  3. Old shape Kia Sorento?, Former 'tow car of the year', owned by many a happy caravanner! The diesel is a decent motor, build quality is good, generally reliable (assuming someone replaced the fuel tank already)
  4. I had an XFlow Supersprint and when I sold it was looking for a 2.0 Vauxhall myself. But as said above I was steered towards the K series, I tried a couple and even the 1.4 (sport) was a blast especially with the 6 speed.. my preference now would be a 1.8 K, but of course if the price is right, you'll be more than happy with the HPC, that's a decent amount of power to play with :-)
  5. I do a lot of rattle can spraying on various projects, but for something sizable like the console which really needs a perfect and durable finish I'd leave it to the body shop.. As Dr H said, temperature is a problem now until spring, filling your workshop with dust is a PITA, you'll not get a proper durable finish unless you use 2K which you can't really do inside and you'll never achieve a body-shop quality finish on a big part IMO. For the sake of £150 or so I'd leave the faff with someone else
  6. Did Black Circles for my AD08R's and fitted by my trusted local garage, the ZZR's were a fair bit more expensive at the time.
  7. Out of interest what put you off the size of the AD08R's? 205/45 or 50 is close enough to the OE 195/50 to make no noticeable difference.
  8. I have the Ad08r in 205/45 16, they are a little lower than the OE195/50's. Next time I will go with 205/50's which are slightly taller then the OE size.
  9. I understand it is not quite as doom and gloom as people report, LDA are not operating at Hethel anymore but LDA is not gone forever and the Motorsport guys have been merged into the main business rather than being a separate division. Sadly for me they don't do servicing at the factory anymore.
  10. and Simon needs a bigger garage Very nice!
  11. I like a project or 2 to keep busy, currently restoring a 1965 Vespa and a 1992 Mini Cooper, in waiting have a 1960 Lambretta, but would rather be restoring a '70's Vauxhall Firenza HP or Sportshatch or even an HSR Chevette :-) Or on a bigger budget anything 1980's Group B..
  12. I'm one of those owners super obsessed with service history/all the supporting paperwork for everything but reality is there are few cars which still have a 100% perfect history after 10 years or so, particularly low milers. Certainly not unusual to see a gap in the book and this would not bother me personally, wouldn't break the deal if the rest of the car ticked all the boxes.
  13. Believe on the s2 it was part of the 'super touring' option.. Or get Allon White to grime yours however you wish. https://allonwhite.co.uk/lotus-car-interiors-trimming/s2-lotus-elise-interior-trim/lotus-elise-centre-console
  14. I've gone from 195 to 205 same as R333xjw to be honest I don't feel any difference between them in terms of feel.
  15. That sealant on the pick up is pretty shocking, lucky you opted to rebuild! Looking forward to more progress pics :-)