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  1. I did push it quite hard on a number of occasions, foot to the floor up to the rev limit quite a few times. Actually amazed at the fuel consumption.
  2. Just completed the NC500 (third time) in my S3 Elise S. 1470 miles 45.1 mpg! Not bad eh? 70-80 on M6, low gears on single track roads. Don't think my moggie 1000 would have done that well, hahaha. Love my Lotus, now my daily since the demise of my Jazz. Can't think of a good reason to go back to two cars.
  3. Thanks for that. Looks correct to me.
  4. Anyone know where I can buy one? It's only a minor thing but mine has broken. I would like to replace it. Thanks.
  5. macey

    Isle of Mann

    Three times taken my Elise there. It's great! Some great quiet roads. No speed limit in many places. Over the mountain. Just avoid TT & Manx periods.
  6. Hi, mine's stopped supplying power. Is there a fuse? No mention of it in the manual. The socket is shown in the manual 'suppliment' as 'Auxilliary Power Socket - (5 volt DC)' , no fuse details listed. Help much appreciated.
  7. Does anyone know if Mike is still operating? Difficult for me to call him as out of the country. Will need a service when I return.
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