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  1. Time Left: 2 months and 1 day

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    Everything you need to re-bond and rivet back on the Longerons to your rear sub frame of your Lotus elise. This was all used for the first time today (24/3/2019) and has a shelf life of a couple of months. More than enough to do about ten more pairs. I am selling at half the price it all cost me. You clean surface with 205 (suitable for steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium), prime with 207 and apply the adhesive 221. You then rivet immediately to provide the compression. I did my research.I will include the documentation I printed off that goes will it all. This lot cost me £70.00. grab a bargain. Chemicals and rivets only - sub frame and Longerons NOT included. I have thrown in 8 stainless steel rivets - couple of spares. Happy bonding.


    - GB

  2. Time Left: 1 month and 30 days

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    I’m selling the fully working – very well in fact – sensibly slightly modified Rover 1.8 K-Series out of my Lotus Elise Series 1 I have owned it for over 18 years. Just turned 43,230 miles in a 19 year old car this month! It’s a well looked after, known quantity. Perfect one-stop kit to re-covert back a re-powered Elise to get it back to a standard spec. It has all now been very carefully removed from the car and ready to be cleaned up and sold. I will change the photos over the next few days.. Dynoned last month at Area 52. it made a very impressive 132.8HP at the flywheel, pulling cleaning with a great flat torque cure - max 132 Ftlb. Cracking. I think it would have made more if the side scoop had had a fan blowing air into the air filter pick up. What is for sale as one complete set: · Full engine with professionally ported and flowed cylinder head (cost £350) - similar spec to the PTP 140 head that was nearly £1,500 in in day! ( CAM belt and idler changed on schedule) · Motorsport (High quality) head gasket fitted at same time of above work · VCC Metal inlet plenum connected to inlet manifold and head – recent new inlet gasket fitted (cost £200 fitted) . Fuel Rail and Injectors · Trophy (larger ) metal throttle body (Cost £75) . Throttle cable and part of the throttle linkage system under the dash - not full assembly . Distributor and coil, plugs and magnecore HT leads · Starter motor and alternator (Spare second alternator with failed electronics - spares or repairs · Elise parts Alternator Nimbus Heat Shield (Cost £35) - needs slight repair · Exhaust manifold and Fabricated bulkhead heat shield . Coil pack and a usable spare second one . Sub frame heat shield · Recent new CAT (Cost £135) and De-Cat pipe (you have a choice)! · Stainless steel back box (Cost £200 S/H was £500 new) · Fuel system back to Fuel tank inc charcoal canister · High quality Lightened Flywheel (Cost £250) + used clutch · Eliseparts Supplied Close Ratio Gearbox – best mod ever! (Cost £550) with slave cylinder · Eliseparts clutch slave cylinder support bracket (Cost £25) · QED Remote Thermostat housing (Cost £75) · Eliseparts gear cable rod ends (Cost £45) and full pair of gear cables · Engine and gearbox mounts + Gear Box steady · Coolant header tank · All hoses/tubes up to side pod aluminium tubes · ECU (Currently no engine loom at this point, but may add in at a later date – TBC). · Drive shafts and 1 spare new CV boot . Standard Fly wheel and used clutch · Spare new Main crank oil seal (Cost £17) · Spare Lotus Oil Filter (Cost £5) If it’s not listed above assume it’s NOT part of the sale – if something you feel is missing, please feel free to ask. As I say all sensible mods that work brilliantly together. Total cost of the mods is £1,940!! Alone. That is on top of the block head and ancillaries. I sure I will have other parts too when I start digging – I will throw them in. The head work, inlet plenum and close ratio gearbox (plus lightened) flywheel take this to what was the PTP 140 (Lotus Sport 135) Spec. Quick car was made even quicker. Collection only – sold as seen – no warranty or returns. I have been as open and honest as I can be and I will provide any documentation that I have. Starts on the button, revs cleanly, passes an MOT every year, burns no oil. Runs at 86 degrees all day long. Never missed a beat. Always warned up gently – never thrashed and has never wanted for everything. Perfect to fit into an Elise project, an MGF, other various Rovers, kit car or several other cars. I am open to sensible offers. Thanks for looking. Best regards Gary


    Nr Grantham LINCS - GB


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