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  1. Willihc

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    And there's me thinking this was a bit small print.... Incredibly helpful replies - thank you very much. I had not even thought about getting them rebuilt as I assumed that with a name like Bilstein, the would have come from Germany or something! - I really like the idea of getting the original ones reconditioned, so that will be my first port of call. And yes, mine is the gunmetal one with the red interior at Stones. Once you get those clams off, it is difficult to know when to stop! But the dampers do look sad, and the radiator (plastic ends) is coming out too. I will let you know how I get on with the the the Bilsteins. Much appreciated.........
  2. My Elise Sport 190 (2003 K series) is recovering from a head gasket failure. Repair (skim etc) has gone well, but now that the rear clam is off, the adjustable Bilstein dampers look rather old and corroded and my local garage is looking into replacing them for me (all round). But we can't seem to find the adjustable Bilstein ones. I am keen on retaining originality for this rare model, but not sure what to go for. The garage has found GAZ Shocks Adjustable, Nitron Series 2 Shocks, Quantum Adjustable and Bilstein (Non Adjustable). What would you recommend as the best balance between originality, correct performance for a Sport 190, price and reliability. I appreciate that this question might be a bit small print as I could not find anything specific enough in the forums. Any advice would be appreciated, especially from other sport 190 owners.
  3. Just had my Sport 190 serviced by Jon again. Really good experience. His knowledge on Lotus is impeccable. But most of all, such a pleasure to talk to him about the cars, their niggles and solutions. Jon did my A service, tracking and sorted the MoT. Fixed my rattling doors in a jiffy too, so can take that ugly tape off the striker peg. Such a decent bloke. I have no conflicts of interest - simply an interest in sharing good experiences with other MLOC folk
  4. I concur ++ with the previous posts. Jon Saunt knows Lotus cars inside out. I just had my Sport 190 serviced and Mot and new front tyres fitted for a good price. He immediately knew what the problem was when I went through a list of niggles eg Cobra alarm not able to arm due to corroded connection in engine bay - and he was right - now working again properly. I found Jon to be courteous and professional, and such a pleasure to have this direct personal service rather than handing your keys into some glossy reception room. I did not know where in the Midlands to get my car service, and it is through these posts that I came across Jon (so thank you MLOC). Just one tip - don't follow the Google pin on the map or Sat Nav as it will take you to the wrong side of the A5. Jon rents space at Mike Smith's units on Slater Street (very sensible as they do MoT), so follow post code of LE3 5AS rather than LE13EJ Good luck Jon

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