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  1. Nice Job, I did the exact same on my old exige. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  2. Do you zircotec the cats or the pipes before and after? Interested as it was something I looked at last time and never did.
  3. Yeah the s2 didn't for sure. I'd say front left under the headlight looking at the pipes how they lift and drop for the wheel arch
  4. Andys right. This s has too.. You can see the pump https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/elise-s3/lotus-elise-s/9127789#&gid=1&pid=8
  5. Dan , Are you sure the s3 s220 dosnt have a charge cooler?? Deroure lists it as having one
  6. For anyone interested and with a spare half an hour, here's the thread I was referring to in my earlier post. https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f157/2007-exige-s-intercooler-air-flow-study-59117/ The max reading was 1100 fpm at about 80mph, that implies a flow of around 715 cfm. With just fettling and the Cup roof, only about 275 cfm flowed through the I/C at 80mph. So if this data is accurate, I've increased the flow through my intercooler 2.6x, over a fettled clam with a Cup roof only.
  7. Hi Dan, Having had a s2 exige s260 and doing allot of research I hope this helps you.. First off it's not the supercharger that overheats, its the induction air that gets hot causing what's referred to as heat soak. Elise's don't have a intercooler and run a smaller supercharger the mp45 unit which is capable of 220bhp. In the s2 exige the unit is a mp62 fitted with a intercooler mounted over the engine itself, which isn't ideal. The more it's pushed obviously the hotter the engine gets, heating the metal intercooler itself. Several very in depth tests show that the roof scoop system, small and large scoops do assist in the cooling, the larger option only over around 110 iirc. The smaller scoop was actually more affective upto that is better as its not taking the hot air from the radiator straight off the windscreen into the scoop. The biggest issue is the scoops feed directly into a letter box which is very constricted, hence why if you stay the intercooler route, the bigger proalloy unit with side scoop additional feeds. The best all round is to go charge cooled and negate all the above issues. Back to the elise front... Also bear in mind that the s2 sc and s3 sc are 2 different engines... You either get the s2 with the rev happy 2zzge or the newer 2zrge which dosnt have the high rpm scream which I loved on second cam. IIRC the higher powered s3 variants also run a charge cooler system but I may be completely wrong on that. Another Option is to find a very rare S3 RGB Elise, which had the very last of the 2zz engine in an s3 body.
  8. Yeah the old matts were grey but had no heel pad. The heel pad set in the exige were great so when I saw these I thought why not... Test fit and there perfect, maybe 6mm too wide but I can see that's from the side carpet Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  9. Another small job whilst I wait for my seats... I managed to find a set of genuine lotus sport mats from a chap who bought the last of lotus's stock... Perfect for mine in K series trim with the long foot rest... The only issue being no stud holes but I thought it's worth a punt.. So they arrived yesterday a day after ordering and this morning I managed to make a punch tool that fits the outside diameter of the locking button. 4 holes later they are ready for a test fit tonight.
  10. Yep I've had a little go with my new Das. Hahaha yep 2 layers over my epoxy floor... Had it all insulated and boarded, insulated sectional door and a radiator... Keeps me cosy at nights
  11. I know... Worst thing is Monday looks great
  12. Finished... Its not perfect but its ready for a run around the peaks Sunday if the weather holds... A little photo of some of how not to wash a car underneath of the roll bar cover.. P. S who said s2's weren't pretty
  13. I second what Deans said. Gav's just dropped a new belt on mine and caught a weepy water pump whilst he was there.
  14. Hahaha I think I'm 4 hours in now but it's starting to come right. I've not gone mad and taken every swirl and scratch out but it's a definite improvement for from how it was. I know what you mean Leigh, paint code on the vin is definitely b93 and it's never had paint I know that for sure. I'm sure like you say the mixes were all a "little different" I'd upload some more photos but I keep getting this error.. Weirdly though it has let me add this one showing said error...
  15. B93 starlight black Leigh. Amazes me how badly people can wash a car
  16. It's getting a little love at the minute before a run in the peaks Sunday... I love this colour
  17. I use a ground down Allen key to get at the front and a bacho or facom 1/4 inch driver set.. I have both and they work a treat. I have a ball ended 1/4 inch Allen set which make it allot easier
  18. Yeah that cars been well used and sat unloved on a driveway for quite a while... I looked at buying it as a project but got messed around so I walked away. From my experience it also depends on the manufacturers film thickness as they all differ so have a look at the gradings. Mine is quite thick and over the last 28k miles hasn't let one through but some I've seen have. Cheers Dave. It's taking some hard work to remove it all. Normally you can run upto the edge, as long as you buff off with a clean microfibre before it starts to powder
  19. My S190 is absolutely covered in it... Looking back through the cars history it was commissioned by the owner and Strattons to be fitted at the factory before delivering. It's not pretty stuff that's for sure as mines got the full kit (front end, complete sills, boot lock surround, filler surround, rear wheel / arch) It does imo detract a little from the paint finish but I know having been round the car there are no chips anywhere, which I'm allot happier about than the chips on my old exige It's probably worse on a black car like mine as when you polish you get white edges on the film from the residue (well the previous owner has). Before I bought the s2 I looked at another sva scandal 160 as Dave knows and you can see from the photo how the film has done its job and now needs replacing I'd say this 160 Barry Ely had in looks pretty good with it on Dave. https://www.barryelysportscars.co.uk/lotus-elise-sport-160/
  20. I know disappointing... Ah well I know you can't cater for everyone, I suppose I can let Dave or Jonny have car or the day
  21. I'd love to do it along my account but sadly if the dates I read on Facebook are correct then I can't make it... Booked the holidays in June as It ensures July's free for litp...
  22. So the past few nights I have been doing a few "mini" jobs that don't take up mountains of Time. At 6 months old our Boy caught Hand foot and mouth meaning chicken pox like symptoms and virtually no sleep in the evenings (currently living on 2 hours a night). Firstly was to take the diffuser off and order new stainless fixings to replace the old ,P.S. I will update with photos when I can. The car seems to have the CLF / Magnex rear silencer on and is in really good shape, with just tarnishing to the tail pipes themselves. I decided to order 8 new Ti bolts and Stainless hangar plates to replace the rusty original items which had Powerflex blue mounting rubbers. Next to cross off the list were the rusty mesh exhaust surround which I blasted and re powder coated black , replacing the reflector nuts bolts whilst I was there. Another "easy" job I noticed when laying under it was to replace the number plate light screws which has seen better days and maybe put led bulbs in. Here's where it got fun as guess what, all 4 pozi heads turned to dust , great. No problem I thought , a 6mm cobolt drill will have those clear and I can move on.. that was until I got to the last one. At the point of which the head broke through it picked up on the lens and cracked it in half. Bugger. After looking on Deroure , Elise parts etc id hope not to pay £17 for a new one . the old Hella part is 22871 which is no longer valid. 2KA 005 049 -007 is the new part and I've bought a new pair for less that £10 DSC_0040.JPG
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