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  1. Wow that's close Jonny, I'm not going to lie though... I've started looking forward to the updates.. Looking great.. Love the por clear on the rears.
  2. Yeah I never turned it on in the cars I tested prior to buying this one so its a little case of don't know what you've never had. In the year owning it so far though its never bothered me to the point of swapping my car for it.... In other news... Finally in a position to buy your Volks Wish there was more sets around . Looks like finding a set of 240r wheels instead.
  3. I called a dealer about swapping mine Jonny... according to them mines worth ALLOT less being a S260 without aircon as all the people who want the 260 cars will run them on track and thus demand aircon to stay cool Cant wait to see it done. Hada re-read of Commit last week
  4. Loving this Jonny. Quality workmanship as usual.
  5. Its started...... Sounding good Jonny, we need pics
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