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  1. Dab Aerial Cabling

    The dabonwheels aeriel fitted to my car works perfectly well. Well worth doing for less than sixty quid! Worth mentioning I have a Sony DAB radio which works well. More than happy for anyone to come over to Congleton to look at the install. Nick
  2. S2 Splitter - black or body coloured?

    I've just had a black splitter fitted. Had considered having it painted red but decided against it. Glad I left it black.
  3. Garage recommendation in Stoke on Trent

    I travel from Congleton to Gav at unit 4 in Burton. Definitely recommend him
  4. Dab Aerial Cabling

  5. Air in coolant system/over pressurising

    I can also vouch for Gav. He did my HGF in march and since then the engine has been fine with no loss of coolant etc. He skimmed the head at the same time too Regards Nick
  6. Dab Aerial Cabling

    I did look at a number of options but settled for replacing the antenna with a proper DAB unit. I utilised the existing RF lead so it was only the routing of the DAB lead which proved tricky. For the cost of £45 it was well worth doing. I really didn't want a stick on antenna on my windscreen hence researching suitable options. The new mast looks virtually identical to the Lotus unit. I plan to be at LITP so will be more than glad to show the installation.
  7. Body shop close to Stoke

    Hi Keo. Yes I had the front clam of my elise repainted last year by a bodyshop in middlewich. They are called Arlington Brooke. Ask for Roy. Excellent work knows fibreglass repairs well.
  8. Dab Aerial Cabling

    A quick update. I followed Jon's advice and ran the DAB cable through the tunnel into the engine bay. Cable all secured and tight in situ within the tunnel. I also used aluminium tape on the underside of the engine cover to give the aerial a better chance. Glad to report that I have perfect DAB signal without signal loss. The aerial I bought was from Dabonwheels. Cost £45. Thanks for the advice Jon.
  9. Dab Aerial Cabling

    Thanks Russell.
  10. Dab Aerial Cabling

    Hi Russell. How do I gain access to the sill? Thanks
  11. Dab Aerial Cabling

    Hi, I have bought a DAB aerial from DAB on wheels. I am struggling to identify the best route for passing both DAB and fm cables from the engine bay to the head unit. I have looked at lifting the centre console but I am now struggling finding a suitable route through to the engine bay. Would I have to remove the passenger seat? Any suggestions greatly received. Many thanks Nick
  12. S2 Elise 111

    S2 Elise 111
  13. S2 Elise 111

    S2 Elise 111
  14. S2 Elise 111

    S2 Elise 111