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  1. Thanks Russell.
  2. Hi Russell. How do I gain access to the sill? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have bought a DAB aerial from DAB on wheels. I am struggling to identify the best route for passing both DAB and fm cables from the engine bay to the head unit. I have looked at lifting the centre console but I am now struggling finding a suitable route through to the engine bay. Would I have to remove the passenger seat? Any suggestions greatly received. Many thanks Nick
  4. I work for a retailer and echo the sentiments and frustrations here. This isn't acceptable service. However I would advocate keeping with a main dealer for service and warranty repairs throughout the 3 year period. On many occasions we get Brand goodwill on post 3 year vehicles if we can demonstrate a full manufacturer service history. Nick
  5. I agree with Dean. Sounds expensive. I had a C service and cam belt replaced in March this year at unit 4 with Gav. £500 all in.