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  1. nickashton

    K series starting problem

    Thanks Jonny. I have heard the fuel pump every time since and all appears to be fine. The slope on my drive isn't massive and it has never happened before. I am putting it down as a one off. Thanks. Nick
  2. nickashton

    K series starting problem

    Morning. Last night I came to start my Elise (early s2) and it refused to start. I had been out in it during the day and parked it on the drive in the afternoon. My drive has a slope to it. Last night I came to start the engine and it cranked fine but didn't ignite. I tried this twice then turned it off. On the third time of trying it fired up fine. I took it for a spin and it drove fine. I did restart the engine twice without issues. Would I be correct in thinking that this could have been due to fuel starvation due to being left on a slope? I haven't had this before whilst parking on the drive. Many thanks. Nick
  3. nickashton

    jean marc gales moved on

    Saw this in Automotive Management this week. There is a Geely man taking over from China. Jean Marc Gales will remain as an advisor but leaves to manage a classic car specialist based in London
  4. nickashton


    The £800 I was indicating was for the front clam only.
  5. nickashton


    I had my clam repaired and repainted a couple of years ago. The repair was a stitch repair to a crack on the underneath side which required a lot of Labour. The cost of the repair and repaint came to £1000. Seemed a lot at the time but it has held with no subsequent cracking. I guess for a straight repaint without repair the price would be around the £800 mark. My car is flat red but a 2 stage metallic might be slightly more. Hope this helps?
  6. nickashton

    Garage to Service 111R

    I recommend Gav at unit 4. Been taking my car there the last 4 years. I live in Congleton and travel there. He definitely knows his stuff
  7. nickashton

    Poor idle

    Thanks Martin. Ill give that a go this week.
  8. nickashton

    Poor idle

    Good evening all. I am turning to you all for some desperately needed help with regard to poor idle on my k series elise s2. The engine hovers around 900 rpm for a while then momentarily dips before settling back to 900 rpm. So far I have replaced the throttle body,TPS, IACV (stepper motor) all to no avail. I've read various posts regarding a similar issue, just wondering what to do now to finally resolve it. Cheers. Nick
  9. nickashton

    The One That Got Away

    It also appears on YouTube https://youtu.be/RyccX1Tef3Q
  10. nickashton

    The One That Got Away

    The car in mention was at LITP last year and did appear in a magazine around that time
  11. nickashton

    S2 Elise 111

  12. nickashton

    S2 Elise 111

  13. nickashton

    S2 Elise 111


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