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  1. I had my clam repaired and painted at Arlington Brooke Middlewich. Just off the m6. He did a great repair. Ask for Roy. 01606 834833
  2. I can recommend a bodyshop in Middlewich - not sure if that is too far to travel. They are called Arlington Brooke. Ask for a Roy.
  3. Yes should be an easy swap. Plugs are the same. Near identical unit to mine. If you need any further information ref the dab aeriel installation let me know
  4. Hi. Go to dabonwheels for a decent antenna. I have one and the signal is good. I have some aluminium self adhesive tape on the under side of the boot lid where the antenna goes through. I replaced the head unit with a Sony DAB Bluetooth unit. So far so good.
  5. I have done this with a DAB antenna cable. I lifted the car and removed the rear under tray. You can then access the car into the centre console. Takes a bit of time but is ok to do. I used a workshop ramp to lift the car. Hope this helps. Nick
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