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  1. Cracking drive out yesterday John. Good to stretch the legs of the R. The Exige looks and sounds amazing. Following you home... etched in the memory forever. 👍
  2. Straight cut UCR box on mine. Almost all road use, very occasional track ( insurance costa molto) suits the car perfectly, so quick.
  3. Got my CF mudguards in a similar way. Travelled to Essex. Cost an arm and a leg. The Facebook group has a guy making some new ones at his factory in Eastern Europe somewhere. Worth joining the group even if you don’t really do Facebook ( which I don’t.) Lovely looking 340 by the way, as is your integrale I saw at Gavs this week. Paul.
  4. Nice find. First 50 cars weren't no's 1- 50. Apparently Lotus issued the Ltd edition no's in no order whatsoever. regards from number 192.
  5. Hi Jon, great thread. Car is fantastic in every way mate. Looks, sound, smell, attention to detail, it’s got it all. Excellent job sir. Paul.
  6. Extensive and very interesting feature in this months Octane of the 77 Monte Carlo winning Stratos. Well worth a read.
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