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  1. I fitted the Elise-shop combination of this gauge; https://www.elise-shop.com/high-precision-60mm-oil-pressure-temp-water-temp-gauge-p-502176.html?zenid=f471033cf7f7e42ea707affa0265dae5 and this bezel / adapter ring to fit it into an air vent; https://www.elise-shop.com/adapter-ring-for-60mm-gauge-in-air-vent-opening-elise-s2-exige-s2-p-502188.html?zenid=f471033cf7f7e42ea707affa0265dae5 I now have oil pressure, oil temperature, gearbox oil temperature and battery voltage all on one gauge.
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  3. Great article Phil! Just a few comments from me... First, where you have jacked up the car, shown in pictures 2 and 7, is not a recommended jacking point. I did this at first, and although it doesn't seem to bend, it could crumple there and drop the car. I didn't put the full back-end weight on the stand when I did it...... In order to get the old belt off and the new one on, the other method of loosening both engine mount bolts enough to lower the engine, then removing one bolt, getting the belt halfway, replacing that bolt and removing the other, so threading the belt past the bolts in turn, works very well. I was a bit nervous about holding the engine up on the jack with both bolts out... Finally, it's worth a reminder to look up all the torque figures in the service manual and use a torque wrench! I couldn't believe how many bolts and screws were way too tight when I did mine.
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