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  1. All very well creating new laws for special educational needs and disabilities in Education, and creating ethnic and minority rulings to help manage the mental health of those from ethnic backgrounds, but we haven't got enough money to implement the laws and facilities that are already existing let alone bring in new ones. No point making a lot of noise about stuff if you haven't got the Oomph to actually do anything about it. Too many managers, not enough people working in these areas - ge...

  2. I won't freak everyone out by including a picture, but there's a spider the size of my head hanging above the treadmill this morning. Seriously didn't think we had spiders that big in the UK!

  3. feels like she could sleep for days.......yawn........going to spend the day reading before the start of term :-)

  4. would just like to point out to people posting "motivational" stuff about exercise and depression - exercise is good for you but does NOT cure clinical depression. Exercise can improve mild depression or a bad mood. That is not the same thing as curing clinical depression! If exercise worked like that then all of the gym bunnies in the world would be void of mental health problems. BREAKING NEWS: It doesn't work like that! Successful athletes have breakdowns, anxiety disorders, depressive...

  5. is wondering why a leftover Halloumi and sweet potato burger that is now 2 days old and was put out for the birds to nibble at, is now so desirable to our dogs. No wonder they get bad gas!

  6. So this afternoon there were two cows in the field next to us, this evening after a little bit of moo-ing, there are four. Welcome to the planet baby cows :-)

  7. BBQ day. The sun is shining, my cough is 99% gone and none of the chickens from next door have come into the garden over night and crapped everywhere. Things are looking good!

  8. How is it that I only just found out about Nozstock festival and it is literally about 5 minutes up the road from us!? Eh?! Anyone ever been?

  9. I know it's cliche but I still love Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon.......impossible not to start grooving the minute the bass guitar riff starts at the beginning......

  10. Now.....I'm not complaining about having nice weather.....indeed I appreciate nice weather.....but I'm freckly and ginger....I'm covered in factor 50 sun tan lotion........I'm hot and sticky......could someone please turn the thermostat down before bedtime please and thank you!

  11. slow cooked gammon cooked in cola and spices with salad served on the patio - I could get used to this!

  12. So........the weekend comes, and thunder descends......then the weekend goes and the beautiful weather comes back......then the weekend comes and thunder appears. Looks like the BBQ is cursed! Grr! I've got a devilled Spatchcocked chicken in the freezer which almost made me vomit making it, and I WILL cook and eat it at some point! #determined #removingbackboneofchickenisgrim

  13. It's pissing with rain, the dogs are hiding behind the chairs in preparation for more thunder and lightning, and I'm still coughing......but on the bright side, there is no water coming in through the walls yet!

  14. I'd like to write a generic FB update about how huge that thunder storm was, but I have more important things to write about instead. I had a dream that we hired a hire car while on holiday which was a huge American Cadillac. It was horrible to drive and struggled even getting up the first hill we got to, so we ditched it and walked. While walking we found ponds which were full of tiny furry things with amazing tails and I said to Paul Wilkin that they were baby beavers, but he didn't beli...


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