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  1. Dave, shivering mountain they call it, shale... Very unstable, you can see the road that used to snake up the hill which was an alternative road to Winnats. It kept slipping down the hill and being repaired constantly, so eventually they gave up repairing it. You can still see sections of road, slipping down the hill over time, looking like earthquake damage.
  2. Hi, I chatted to the owner and his son, and also spoke to him last year when he showed up. It's his idea of a nod to Ferrarri, and in response to the fact that he understood Chapman reluctantly accepted the front end Plus Two design as there was no time to redesign it, whilst the non pop up design that had bee offered was considered too close to E Type look... It's MX5 engine, and box, and the front end was a chicken wire creation from scratch he said, awesome skills here !!! That's as much as I remember, I know it's a creation him and his son worked on, and I thought it looked very good.
  3. Woah, some very nice cnc stuff there !!! Great quality:-)
  4. You could still go Toyota route ...
  5. The only place he was happy !
  6. Clever Ferrari front , and full MX5 engine/box install . Bravo !