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  1. It's gel coat and looks pretty good, just needs a good detail of the body.
  2. It should be IVA tested by March, so I haven't driven it yet. I originally started the build in 2005 and various things delayed the build, anyway nearly there. Always something to do though, like shall I fit a front splitter and the big rear spoiler, etc. The tyres are around £1k. a set. Would love to bring it to Curborough when done at one of the meets. Rgds David Dr H, love reading your build thread it's looking superb.
  3. Coming to the end of my Ultima GTR build bought a new Gopro so a little video. Perfect foil to my elan.
  4. Currently finishing off an Ultima GTR 640, then I have my Elan S4 which at some point, although is ok, will have a full rebuild. Then I've just bought an MG ZT 190 (£1150..55k miles great value) After that lot would love a S1 exige or a Gardner Douglas T70.
  5. I'm currently building an Ultima GTR which uses a modified Chevrolet engine and a Porsche gearbox, both used components and the car, following the IVA will be issued with a new registration number, or a personalised reg..with the appropriate restrictions. All other components are new. There is all the info needed from the DVLA website and more grounded advice from the manufacturers. If a new monocoque bodyshell or chassis from a specialist kit manufacturer (or an altered chassis or bodyshell from an existing vehicle) is used with two original major components from the donor vehicle, a replacement registration number will be issued based on the age of the donor vehicle. The vehicle must have IVA, SVA or MSVA. The date of manufacture for the vehicle will be taken from the IVA, SVA or MSVA certificate. Good luck with the build I will follow with interest. David