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  1. djb222

    Lotus Elan S4 Sill Damage

    Carrying on with the stripping of the paint on my Elan I've uncovered a damaged sill that was filled and painted rather than repaired properly, "Bodged"
  2. Following on from the stripping of the engine bay my attention has turned to the interior for the removal of all the components for evaluation and restoration. I have recorded most of the progress for my own records and for the interest of others....here are a few of the videos....there are more available on my channel..... https://youtu.be/0Bu7T6El8qM https://youtu.be/mqgJH9yhS9s https://youtu.be/h8VpuCdBeFQ
  3. A couple of updates on the handbrake refurb and what needs doing to the steering components..restore or replace View on YouTube website
  4. Whilst waiting for the primer in the engine bay to dry, with the front of the car stripped of all the bits awaiting refurb, I thought I'd show you the condition of the Weber 40 DCOE's fitted to my car. They are the original type 31 carbs and look in need of a full refurb, now the question is do I buy all the jets to rebuild and clean them myself or farm the job out to a specialist....hmmmmmm. Sounds like a nice job to me especially as the winter nights are looming. What do you think? There is a mistake part way through duh..... can you spot it? https://youtu.be/pJfTLuCL7P4
  5. This project seems to be taking on a life of its own. I've just spent today removing the front suspension...so now all components forward of the bulkhead are out to allow their refurb and preparing the engine bay for paint.......
  6. Had my elan for about 4 years now and around a month ago it became clear that it needed the water pump replacing. Those of you who know, are aware that it means the cylinder head has to be removed to do the job. After taking the head of it then became clear that some of the exhaust valve guides were leaking, meaning a head rebuild. That has led to a decision to do a bit more of a restoration, hopefully on the road for next Spring/Summer. A little video attached... https://youtu.be/OpPkuE1tAq0
  7. djb222

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    I'm currently building an Ultima GTR which uses a modified Chevrolet engine and a Porsche gearbox, both used components and the car, following the IVA will be issued with a new registration number, or a personalised reg..with the appropriate restrictions. All other components are new. There is all the info needed from the DVLA website and more grounded advice from the manufacturers. If a new monocoque bodyshell or chassis from a specialist kit manufacturer (or an altered chassis or bodyshell from an existing vehicle) is used with two original major components from the donor vehicle, a replacement registration number will be issued based on the age of the donor vehicle. The vehicle must have IVA, SVA or MSVA. The date of manufacture for the vehicle will be taken from the IVA, SVA or MSVA certificate. Good luck with the build I will follow with interest. David

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