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  1. Austintaff

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    Thanks All, Gearbox is out just needs new bearings so not too bad. Cost of New Clutch and lightened flywheel mean upgrade will have to wait!
  2. Austintaff

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    S1 is in at Gav’s for a Service and gearbox has to come out. looking for a B4BP low ratio box (improvement on standard)
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know if MLOC has a specific Instagram account? There has been a lot of posts following the #Lotus 70 event (currently 1991). #MLOC has 1107 posts but quite a few seem to be cartoon characters. Just seems like a good way to promote Lotus in the Peak. Especially if we link posts to other clubs and lotus based sites. Food for thought?
  4. Austintaff

    Replacing light switch

    Successfully removed the panel (thanks for the seloc link) and removed the switch. Fuse is also out. Just sourcing a new switch.
  5. Austintaff

    Replacing light switch

    It's stuck down and no amount of pressing or adjusting is freeing it.
  6. Austintaff

    Replacing light switch

    Has anyone replaced a dash switch for the lights in an S1? hazards are currently stuck on! great weather and I can't really drive it. Nightmare!
  7. Hi,

    Simon (Foggy) here.

    wondered what time you were arriving at the NelsonCould meet for a pint in the bar if you like. I am meant to be meeting with Simon F but not sure what time he’s getting back From Snetterton.

    My number is 07779 164448


  8. Austintaff

    A favour...

    Any joy Alex?
  9. Austintaff

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Nice choice! Been looked after judging from how clean it is underneath!
  10. Austintaff

    Great day at Donington

    Great day out! Huge congrats to Craig for the driving and Alans1 for the car prep. it was great to see it all first hand! Some stress and hard work but all worth it! We were watching from Old Hairpin and it was clear to see how hard all the cars were trying down the Craner Curves. Would be good if we could arrange an MLOC contingent to support these races! Anyone else up for it?
  11. Austintaff

    Yellow and Green

  12. Austintaff

    Red and yellow S1's

  13. Austintaff

    160 Sport

  14. Austintaff

    Multi colour


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