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  1. It's quite bad. Didn't notice it last time pads were changed but it is very noticeable. Pad is only touching on top corner. Also rubbing and catching. I thought something had happened to the drive shafts/gearbox it was lurching that much. Have bought some new hubs from a guy in Norway who is upgrading to Honda engine and fitting S2 hubs. May not get time to drop in for the diffuser before Blyton but will catch up with you there. Looking forward to it!
  2. Hi All, I was at Gav's last week for some pre-Blyton checks. Found out the caliper bracket on the rear lh hub is slightly bent. Does anyone have a spare for sale?
  3. Does anyone know where I might find one of these? No sign on usual suppliers websites. Will really finish the car!
  4. Managed my first run out on Saturday. Still a bit slippy as the roads never really fully dried out but blew off some cobwebs! Much more confident with the new rubber fitted though!
  5. Hi Dave, how did you get on with the seat re-covering? Mine are in real need of attention and its only the backs that need doing. Any tips or info on material / glue would be welcomed.
  6. A fine pair of S1's
  7. Autumn at Carsington