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  1. 22 hours ago, jim7777 said:

    Hi Guys. 

    I am looking to retrim my steering wheel but am unsure whether my Elise S2 111R 2006 has an airbag fitted or not. If it does, then I know I need to disconnect the battery beforehand. 

    There is no 'airbag' text on the wheel itself which is leading me to think it doesn't but I'm not sure about this. 

    Does anyone know?

    Just re-read your question and I changed the battery on mine (eg disconnected it) witrhout any issues, so I'm sure it was non-airbag.

    Seloc says:

    Introduction of 2008 Model Year Elise/Exige: October 2007[edit]

    All cars now with dual airbags and start button in matt charcoal finish fascia.

  2. I did this on my previous car (2007 111r) and highly recommend it. It not only drops the change point, but makes the transition much smoother rather than like switching on light switch everytime.

    1, I think it changed it from 6200 to 5500 rpm.
    2, I had mine done for a number of years with no issues.
    3, I'm sure it was Essex Autosport (Wayne I think) Done by post. (Remove ECU and post to them and they return) Slight;ly fiddly but I managed it! (I seem to remember dropping something into the engine bay, so be careful!)
    4, Can't remember, but I'm thinking it was £100-£150 prob 5 years ago.

    HTH, Mark


    17 hours ago, lotus111 said:

    What a fantastic weekend we have just witnessed for F1 and in particular for Lewis Hamilton, yes he is not everyone’s favourite for what ever reason usually the wrong ones. What he achieved this weekend was a true masterclass in driving ability. One of the most epic comebacks you will ever witness.

    I agree. Whether you like him or not, and although he has the class of Mercedes, he must be good to keep on winning consistently.

  4. I couldn't watch as we had family over, but I had the F1 app running seeing the positions changing! 

    For anyone interested, I just recently got a 'Now TV' account as you can pay £10 for 24hrs access to (all I think) Sky Sports channels. (I'm not interested in paying a high monthly cost to just watch the F1). 

    My interest in F1 had dwindled in recent years, until I started watching 'F1: Drive to Survive' on Netflix. Started back on the 2018 season and still working my way through it, but great to get an insight on all things behind the scenes that we don't normally see. Highly recommend it if anyone wants to revive their love of F1 !!

    We've also just booked tickets for Silverstone in July! Crazy cost, but I have a big birthday coming up next year! 

  5. 39 minutes ago, DeanB said:

    You never know there might be someone out there that has 'upgraded' to Nitrons from a 250 Cup!  Might be worth a wanted ad on SELOC.

    Good point. However, I'm not totally convinced that they would even make that much difference!

    Cheers Dean

  6. Hi Chaps

    Thanks for the replies and I totally  agree. I am very weary about 'upgrading' as I am more than happy with the car (having just come from an older 111r) apart from the rubbing. 
    The 220 Cups came with the narrow 175 front tyres, but the later 250 cups came with the wider rims and AO52's in 195 width. (The previous owner put the 250 wheels/tyres on, but never tracked it) 

    I have also been having a bit of a conversation on the 'Cup' facebook group with someone who has the same issue and he has researched somewhere that the 250 cups have a slightly higher spring/damper ?? compression rate, so that might explain the reason.

    I will see how I get on at Silverstone next week, but suspect I will end up with a hole by the end having a passenger! It seems pretty common for people to have holes in there from rubbing wheels!

    I wonder if I could get hold of a set of 250 cup suspension? Prob not worth it and just live with a hole! 

    Cheers again, 👍

  7. Thanks for the replies.

    I don't think there's any adjustment as still standard suspension. The wheels are aftermarket wider wheels than the standard 220 wheels, but the same as on the newer 250 cups, so I can't imagine any difference?

    Daventry isn't crazy for me (just over an hour away), so I'll perhaps start the ball roilling giving him a ring.

    Thanks again, Mark

  8. Hi

    At my last trackday, I had some wheel arch rubbing (oo-er!) at the front passenger side.  Also, i then realised that the gap between the tyre and wheel arch is smaller on this side. Some people suggested a Geo setup might help, but would this correct the height indifference?

    By the end of day the issue had mostly gone, but guess that's due to me wearing some liner (and tyre?) off?

    I guess a Geo setup wouldn't hurt anyway as at my next TD I will also have a passenger, so possibly make the problem worse?

    Wondering where I can go local to me (Peterborough/Cambs/East Anglia)? 

    Car is 2015 220 Cup and I suspect Geo has never been done previously.



  9. Hi all

    I have an issue with the wheel arch liners. (Elise S3) At the last track day I was getting a flapping sound above certain speeds on some corners and seems to be an issue with the fixings.

    In the picture of the drivers side front there seems to be one fixing on the right missing. The one in the middle was half hanging out, so I ordered some 8mm ‘scrivets’ but can’t get the middle one in properly and too big for the right hand hole.

    Can any S3 owners tell me if there is 2 or 3 fixings along this edge?






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  10. Thanks for your replies above. 

    I think the rear discs are a little old now (maybe original??) and started 'lipping' but the fronts have been replaced more recently, so I have decided to order a pair of 'EP belled discs' to go on the front and move the existing fronts to the rear. I have also stuck with (and ordered) Pagid RS42's as they always seemed good on the 111r.

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Hi all,

    I just did my first TD in the Cup and had braking issues as above, but only after 10-15mins, so being caused by heat build up. I have realised the pads I have in must be 'Green stuff' which I think aren't great for track use and I suspect are the issue. Disks seem fine and not an issue when cold and fluid has been changed in May.

    I always used Pagid RS42 (Blues) in the previous 111r, but I'm wondering whether to try RS14's? 

    Also, can I get away with changing just fronts for now, or should I do all four? They're just bloody expensive! 




  12. Hi and congrats on the car. I have just recently upgraded to a 220 Cup that has full 2bular and RRR intake. I am booked on Donington in a few weeks to give it its first outing (with me) on track. I am just struggling to find time to drive it at the moment.



  13. Ok great. I sold my 111r in January then things went crazy after the Lotus announcment (ending Elise/Exige etc) and with a bit of faffing on my part I missed out on a few that in hinsight I should have just taken the plunge, but a huge amount of money (to me) to spend on a toy! 

    Good luck with the hunt for the replacement. 👍

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  14. Sorry to see you leave. I have just returned to Lotus ownership after 8 long months without! I just brought almost exactly what you've just sold! 

    Was yours the January calendar picture? 


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  15. Thanks for the info Ray. I now think 250 Cups actually come with 52’s as standard, so I guess I’ll chuck 52’s on the rears next at some point.

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  16. Hi all,

    My new (to me) 220 Cup has AD08's on the rear, but the previous owner put AO52's (195's) on the front - apparently due to AD08's being unavailable anywhere. The car has '250 cup' wheels that will happily take the wider width.

    I'm still finding my feet with the car, but I'm sure I've managed to 'unsettle' the back end a few times a little easier than I did on previous 111r.

    Is this due to the increased grip at the front end? Are AO52's grippier than AD08's? And being a little wider?

    Would you:

    A, Put AD08's on the front
    B, Put AO52's on the rear
    C, Just wait until 1st pair wears out? (Will prob be the rears 1st)

    I have 2 track days booked so far Oct/Nov, so a mixture of usage.



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