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  1. marky_p72

    Ctek... Which one?

    I have the CTEK 3.8. I have the connectors permanently connected to the battery with a plug that is really easy to plug in/out. Can't remember if the plug connector was included or and extra. Have used for a number of years now - no probs.
  2. marky_p72

    111r popping out of gear

    Hi all I was on track on Monday and my 2007 111r (2zz) started popping out of 3rd gear when under load and quite often on the same corner. Various discussions are leaning towards worn engine mounts allowing excessive movement of the engine causing the pop out. Mileage is now 50k. Can anyone relate to this, or suggest which engine mounts to go for if this is the case. Booked in for inspection next Weds. Cheers for any pointers Mark
  3. marky_p72

    111r popping out of gear

    Thanks for the replies. I will let you know how I get on. Mark
  4. marky_p72

    A small favour...

    Alex I don't have spare wheels, but I had front wheel wobble problems last year. Lots of trips to my local tyre guys, who kept insisting the tyres were 'distorted' and the only cure was new tyres. They showed me the wheels spinning on the balancing machine. Still had 3 or 4mm left, but bit the bullet and put new fronts on and while not 100%, it was a massive improvement. 2007 111r with AD07's at the front. Just food for thought.....
  5. marky_p72

    Peak District

    Tour around Peak district.
  6. marky_p72

    Elise 111r

  7. marky_p72

    S2 Elise 111R


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