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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yesterday, I ordered the 'Elise-spares' one as I only do max 5 TD's per year, so I'm sure this will be better than the existing standard one. ... and thanks for the fitting tips. I will print them off for my chap who will be fitting it. 👍
  2. Hi all, At my last track day a Lotus educated chap recommended putting on a baffled sump on my 111r for track day use. (Max 5 per year) The 'Seriously Lotus' and Elise-shop versions seem to be £4-500 incl VAT, but I found one (Seloc search) for £199+VAT at Elise Spares http://elise-spares.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=sump&product_id=526 Has anyone done this or explain if it's worth splashing the extra cash? Cheers Mark
  3. I will be interested to hear about these Dean as I am still debating what to do with mine! 👍
  4. Hi Keith, Thank you for the info. My car is still standard ride height, so that sounds good. Still not sure if Hardnott and Wrynose are best avoided!! I will remember your suggestion of Haystacks. Fingers crossed for the weather now. Cheers again Mark
  5. Hi all, I am going with some friends for a walk/hike in the Lake District on Sat 14 Sept (Catbells I think) and the plan is to stay over on the Saturday night afterwards. However, my friends are planning get up on Sunday and come home! So I am thinking about taking the Elise with a small tent, then going off on a mini tour on my own and camping on the Sunday night. Then continue mini tour on Monday and then head home. I have camped in Eskdale a long time ago, so would like to end up there. I remember going along Wrynose and Hardnott Passes (in a 'normal' car), so I'm wondering if the Elise can handle the extreme & steep hairpins or best avoided? If anyone has any tips on this or anywhere else good to drive in LD it would be appreciated. Or even suggest a route back to Peterborough (through Peak District??) Thanks in advance! Mark
  6. I have the CTEK 3.8. I have the connectors permanently connected to the battery with a plug that is really easy to plug in/out. Can't remember if the plug connector was included or and extra. Have used for a number of years now - no probs.
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    Peak District

    Tour around Peak district.
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