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  1. Congrats to Andy. Glad he's back and definitley in style! I'm still looking (and saving) as I did see that one, but a little out of my reach. I hope to be back (in a Lotus) soon! Mark
  2. When I got my first Lotus over 7yrs ago, '07 Elise (Probax) I found it uncomfortable and tried using a cushion at first, but got fed up with that after a short while, and eventually actually found the seats comfy and no problem doing 'all-dayers' (eg 300 mile track days).
  3. Hi Luke, I recenly sold my 111r after 7 years. Great car, but now on the look out for my next Lotus. Very addictive! Mark
  4. It’s not me I’m afraid! Blimey it went quickly, but never mind. I’m still getting my head around spending that much on a toy!! I spoke to the private seller and he seems ok, but can’t do much at the moment (COVID) so when things lift maybe I’ll go and view as he’s not too far away. Thanks again for your input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Anybody have any thoughts on these 2: https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11227421?cId=10733455&cId=11227421&cId=10906333&cId=10244310&cId=9769499&cId=9769516&cId=11217253&cId=11210282&cId=10990068&cId=11205847&cId=11205468&cId=11204180&cId=11067445&cId=11063105&cId=10881912&cId=10700573&cId=11127869&cId=10974549&cId=11059387&cId=11182566 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102048693439 They are really out of my budget, but I can't stop looking at them!! The private seller one is in Ru
  6. Looks awesome - I like the colour (on a Lotus)! Ray, I can't imagine you not in your 'Yellise' but I'm sure we'll get used to it! Good luck to whoever buys it. PS, Duncan, I am on the look out for an Elise Cup if you're thinking of selling!?
  7. Thanks for your comments. I do love the cup cars, but just gotta get my head around spending that kind of money on a car I will prob only do max 3-4000 miles per year in!
  8. I suffer with lower back pain and until recently I had a 2007 Elise S2 with Probax seats for 7 years. I actually found them pretty comfy and I could go out and do an 'all-dayer' (eg Track day) and do 300-400miles in a day. I would know about it at the end of the day, but very do-able. I'm about 5'11 and an instructor on a track day suggested I shouldn't have the seat too far back with arms/legs at full stretch. I think this may have been from a safety point of view in case of impact with straight arms. I'm certain a new sport 220 has Probax seats. I agree with the comment above ie, try n
  9. Thank you all for taking the time to write about this car. I may contact Jamie on Seloc and maybe Oakmere for a chat. I'm in no rush as the dust is still settling from the sale of my 111r, but I'm feeling a little better about it now! Time to do a bit of tidying and sorting in the garage while I have the space!! Cheers again, Mark
  10. Hi and thanks for the info. I will probably give that one a miss then! No rush especially at the minute! Not sure if you remember but we met on the Peaks run 18th Oct. Cheers again Mark
  11. Well after 7 years of owning my Elise 111r (almost to the day) I have now sold it. It all happened rather quickly and to be honest I'm not sure if I've made a mistake!!! I'd been toying with either continuing upgrading (suspension etc) but I couldn't help thinking I may aswell put those funds towards the next step up for me, which I feel will need to be a £30k+ purchase! Now I'm thinking do I want to be throwing a £30k car round a track!!?? Oh well, it's done now and I'm sure I will find a replacement. Something like this would be my ultimate car, but does this seem a reasonable pri
  12. marky_p72

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