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  1. Wow - that looks amazing. Gutted I can't make it out to play to see it on Sunday! Enjoy!
  2. Ok great. I sold my 111r in January then things went crazy after the Lotus announcment (ending Elise/Exige etc) and with a bit of faffing on my part I missed out on a few that in hinsight I should have just taken the plunge, but a huge amount of money (to me) to spend on a toy! Good luck with the hunt for the replacement. 👍
  3. Sorry to see you leave. I have just returned to Lotus ownership after 8 long months without! I just brought almost exactly what you've just sold! Was yours the January calendar picture? Mark
  4. Thanks for the input. I’ve joined the parts group on Facebook and seen the TD wheels for sale. Cheers [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for the info Ray. I now think 250 Cups actually come with 52’s as standard, so I guess I’ll chuck 52’s on the rears next at some point. Cheers [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi all, My new (to me) 220 Cup has AD08's on the rear, but the previous owner put AO52's (195's) on the front - apparently due to AD08's being unavailable anywhere. The car has '250 cup' wheels that will happily take the wider width. I'm still finding my feet with the car, but I'm sure I've managed to 'unsettle' the back end a few times a little easier than I did on previous 111r. Is this due to the increased grip at the front end? Are AO52's grippier than AD08's? And being a little wider? Would you: A, Put AD08's on the front B, Put AO52's on the rear C, Just wait
  7. Great post & pics from start to finish! 👍
  8. Here's a few pics from that run 13/8/17. The first one is on the way at 6:35am. My 111r was AU07 HFF.
  9. Haha! Ok, that sounds reassuring.
  10. Ok, great. Are they labelled or case of just measuring?
  11. Thanks for the link. Would prefer to keep the current set up if possible, so will have to take my chance. Maybe avoid Bedford for the first outing!
  12. Thanks. Unfortunatley (in that respect) it has full 2bular and RRR intake! I'm not sure what size the 2bular is - I wonder if Jim Valentine would have a record of it? I assume not.
  13. Thanks for the welcome back! What a machine! Can't wait to get it on track, but slighly concerned about the noise levels! (Bedford being my local track). Would have loved to come for the MT run on the 12th, but A, I'm away and B, it's full! Hopefully I'll make a run soon. Here's a few pics. Cheers again, Mark
  14. Hi all - I'M BACK!! It's been a long wait but I recently picked up a 220 Cup. So far I have only driven it steadily home in the dark on collection and then went away on holiday, so it has been agonising waiting to give it a proper drive! However, I am planning for a spin after work tonight, and will try and remember to stop and take some pictures! Mark
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