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  1. I'm loving all this effort boys and girls GET POLISHING. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.
  2. Beauty. Such an awesome colour. Signature /exige orange
  3. It looks wet! That is sooooooo shiny
  4. That looks awesome. It's like a brand spanker
  5. Classic Norfolkian s1 Oooooo stealthy
  6. Looking tasty! Broken lights? Lawless by name and nature!
  7. You cheeky twat Good effort!
  8. Happy LITP weekend boys and girls. For those lucky enough to own a lotus, it's your last day to polish before the big event Any chance of any pics of your car as you prep it today? No library pics, just one of your car as it stands today I thought it may be an interesting thread . As I'm currently Lotusless - definitely post pics if you have a nice bright v6 you are thinking of selling and going to bring along tomorrow See you all in the morning and enjoy the weekend all!
  9. Beauty, I saw one of these in a dealers with sold on it a few weeks ago.
  10. Had one of those on my 111s k series. Fab
  11. Keep us posted on how it all pans out.