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    Wanted, Exige Cup, V6 based. Private sale, any considered. Would prefer not black but any other colour considered. Private buyer, immediate cash for the right car.


    - GB

  2. Cbaileyuk

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Honestly Phil, its not all that. It looks a bit trick but if I were you I'd save yourself some wonga. Hunt down a cheap v6s in your chosen colour mix. You'll lose bugger all on it.
  3. Cbaileyuk

    2019 Exige Purchase

    I do like club racers as well...let's face it, they're just old 350s ....ok maybe a different gear change mech but all the rest is the same. Infact, if I was buying my first V6 I'd get the cheapest one I could, ie an S model, late 30s/v early 40s. Doesn't help me sell mine but I'm not really bothered about that aspect all cars sell for the right price, particularly nice uns 
  4. Cbaileyuk

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Correct. That's been on their books for ages. Doesn't make it bad though. I suppose if its brilliant at a cracker price it's off but if it's just average then sticks around. I can stone cold guarantee it won't be the condition mine is. But then mine isn't black
  5. Cbaileyuk

    2019 Exige Purchase

    Heehee. No keeping the slk and still watching football. I'm looking on moving up to something. Not sure what. Any interested parties, drop me a PM.
  6. Cbaileyuk

    2019 Exige Purchase

    In addition, if you are interested, I think my 350 (owned from new, 1.7k miles, never driven in the wet, never tracked, owned from new and heated garage all its life may be available soon) :) It's hardly been used, seriously
  7. Cbaileyuk

    Lotus in the Peak 2015

    Great day :)

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