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Andy Vesely

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    Full custom interior/ remap/ exhaust
  1. Cool bridge it? How? Is it likely to just start leaking or just a slow leak that I will need to re gas every 6 months
  2. Got my s2 Elise in March fully loaded (for a lotus) and it's been great so far. However today after getting 3 points on my car licence!!! (Damn it) My air con stopped working, had the same with my old s2 exige, button lights up and nothing (condenser doesn't fire up) all fans work and the air is just ambient temperature blowing through. I've checked the fuses related to air con and they are fine. Any ideas for what next confused as my old exige didn't work due to a botched repair this has worked for the last 6 months ice cold? (My old exige was the pipes in the sill and so a scary amount of money under warranty) Thanks (Ps car is not in warranty so hopefully avoid the dealers)