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  1. For clarity, it's me - any others hiding in the woodwork? Anyone who knows me knows that I've been tortured by V6 Exiges for the past 5 years I phoned the guy immediately the advert appeared but realised that I can't legally view it with the CV19 laws and struggled with the idea of buying completely blind. I'm still thinking about it but it's definitely a case of snooze you lose and/or fortune favours the brave
  2. Good info from Dean there, and I would just like to add that his car (I assume with these mods) jolly well goes like stink - there's really very little difference in real world performance between his car and my 250 Cup. Hmm, probably doesn't help that he's a much better driver too
  3. Sorry if you've already checked this but is the battery voltage ok? The whole instrument cluster is VERY sensitive to low voltage so if the car has been sitting in the garage for a week or so this can be long enough to cause problems. Also, if the battery is getting towards the end of its life then the cold weather won't help to keep the volts at a healthy level. Definitely worth checking properly 👍
  4. Stop it now please fellas, I'm already conflicted without your 'help'
  5. Oh my word that looks fantastic. I have a serious hankering for an Exige 410 and you are NOT helping!
  6. No sign of mine yet but the 'previews' look great so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow
  7. Ha, they're there allright but you never see them because they are so damn fast Pete, obviously you get a calendar, when 2021 is over you can keep it in your collection under the mattress
  8. Ah Phil, you've got it all wrong, the calendar is only for members with green cars, so that's DaveB, Morty and me + a few lucky others but you I'm afraid................ I can't remember giving my address either but trust me, the club knows EVERYTHING about us
  9. duncx

    New Arrival

    Just caught up with this thread - great news Adam, your new car looks lovely I've a real hankering for a 410 Exige myself, I'm just a bit too tight to take the plunge EDIT: and another local car to look forward to from XH51MES (sorry, don't know your name). I really like the extra touches on the 20th edition so I look forward to seeing that at Hassop
  10. You could use this one Karl - Mr & Mrs July Oh, those sunny days
  11. duncx


    damn that autocorrect!
  12. duncx


    Ah, top of Snake Pass (Ladybower end) if I'm not mistaken
  13. duncx


    I know that place - 'tis on the Ringing low road
  14. duncx

    Cheeky smiles!

    Would benefit from some simple cropping - feel free if it's of interest :)
  15. I think it's bonded into position from inside Ray I have considered cutting mine out and leaving just a few 'ends' in place so that I can attach a new grill (cut down to the correct shape) in some way. It seems like a lot of effort though when all I really want to do is fit a better horn - I don't like it sounding like a Noddy car - peep peep!
  16. That does look great Jonathan, can you say what it cost you?
  17. For me, Cup 250 every time, it just has so much more 'presence' than the 220 Having said that you won't notice any difference on the road, they drive exactly the same. Nobody else has answered your other question - the heater is pretty good, plenty of heat from all of the vents, although the 3 speeds of the fan don't exactly give the finest of control and the highest speed is a bit noisy. Overall the build quality of the S3 Elise has come a long way from an early S2, I love mine .... EDIT: btw I scoff at your 'advancing years' , I'm over 60 and as long as I can get in the things I'm stic
  18. Will miss you and your shiny cars Drage
  19. Ah ok, Aston is more Rotherham side (the right Aston?) so a few extra hills between us Anyhow I'm out of the picture for a month, 2 weeks holiday then 2 weeks isolation so no runs for me for a while You lot had better behave yourselves while I'm away!
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