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  1. That's a great photo Scott - calendar material
  2. Hello and welcome Luke Mansfield - you are perfectly positioned to join one of our Peak District runs or Midland Tick runs, usually on a Sunday morning, usually when the weather improves, and of course when covid restrictions allow.
  3. I think the B&C one has sold to someone called Mike posting on SELOC - asked for some advice and then bought it!
  4. I've faffed about for so long that all of the good new 410 deals (and I had a couple of absolute belters available to me!) have now run out of time What with that and the gold 410 fiasco I've admitted to myself that I'm tighter than a tight thing and that I will probably have the 250 until I can no longer get in/out - which to be fair is not such a bad thing
  5. Out of those two, the B&C one seems to be a no-brainer to me. Younger, less miles, cheaper, dealer backup etc. Get it bought man, the 250 Cup is a fabulous car and that's a very nice colour EDIT: Trust me, you don't need a hard top
  6. Here we are guys, it can be ours for a bargain £67K from Syntner https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11242411 Edit: sorry, not 67, almost £68K!
  7. If the seal is not touching the glass you could try adjusting the glass - you have to take off the door panel and the whole process is a bit fiddly. My old S2 Elise used to leak in that spot but I could improve it by remembering to gently press the glass inwards when I parked up- it seemed to help! Oh, and make sure the seals are super clean, that helps too.
  8. I can't see that there was any finance Phil - I asked for (and received) copies of the invoice (which showed it was paid by credit card number *********1234, as they do) and the full payment credit card receipt with the same number. My only concern was the possibility of a 'log book loan' but he had both keys and the original V5 so that seemed unlikely too. I was going to do a proper HPI check (not a cheapy!) to further cover that risk. No, I think it was a straight up car, I simply misjudged the situation by making an offer rather than going straight in at asking. Covid further complicat
  9. Ray will probably confirm - he said to me that he bought it as a daily and just couldn't get on with it, hated it
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong with it Ray, he said he's been driven mad by more than one private buyer over the week, describing them as "utterly crazy". He finally lost his rag and just accepted a trade offer to be 100% certain of a smooth/easy sale. Dave, there's no way he will have accepted £55K - he had a firm offer from me of £61K on the table, with full details of how I would pay by bank transfer and get the car collected. I reckon he used my offer as a 'backstop' for the trade buyer and accepted the same figure or very close. Makes sense if you think about it, for all he kn
  11. Final outcome for this thread.. Last weekend I made a cash offer on the Gold 410 close to asking (told Ray of course!) with full details of how I would pay and get it collected - no messing about! Seller didn't say yes or no but said he had viewings on Sunday daytime so would get back to me. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday he sent texts each day (after a reminder text from me) saying 'I will let you know for certain tomorrow'. No texts from him after Wed and I was getting a but fed up chasing so left it. I texted him tonight, just to get it out of my system to be honest. Seem
  12. Looks like the first social event after lockdown is a training session hosted by Scott, showing us all how to keep our suspension in pristine condiiton with nothing more than some common kitchen products and a £20 can of Dynax. Book me in Scotty, I'm looking forward to it already
  13. Hi, sorry you are having problems, not good The quality of the paint looks absolutely terrible to me - could be a poor photo I suppose but if not then there is no way that the clear coat should be so rough, it's spectacularly crap! The shape of the bubbling in the last photo is slightly unusual, it's not the normal pinhead spots that you see with classic osmosis problems - where the water has either got through the paint surface itself or come through from the back of the panel. I agree with JE that this looks much more like poor paint adhesion due to bad prep or poor drying conditi
  14. Blimey Scott, that looks MINT! I can hardly believe that you were on most (if not all) of the greasy, muddy, cow shitty, gritty runs that we did last summer Mine's been SORNd for December and January and I might as well leave it that way until March at the earliest
  15. duncx

    New Arrival

    Now listen carefully Adam, no 'stretching of legs' for 1000 miles and no 'passing lorries loaded with straw' EVER! Gotta keep it pristine
  16. duncx

    New Arrival

    Let me be the first - congratulations EDIT: Oh FFS, OK the second!
  17. duncx

    New Arrival

    Fantastic news Adam I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing this and I demand respectfully request a passenger run as soon as possible
  18. Well done Dean Can't wait to see it at Hassop
  19. Thanks Pete! (pssst - your cheque is in the post )
  20. Just another thought regarding the rear view shown by the camera, please ignore me if it sounds stupid! You say that the image is reversed (not upside down) so are you comparing it with the view that you see in your mirror? Remember that the view in your mirror IS actually reversed, whilst I guess that the camera will show the view correctly as it sees it, the same as if you had turned round and you were looking out of the rear window!
  21. Hello and welcome to MLOC - very nice car you've got, let's see some pictures at some point! Sorry but I can't help with your questions, surely you are better asking AiM themselves - I understand that their customer support is very good and I'm sure that they wil have heard of all of these issues before. Best of luck sorting, nice thing the AiM dash
  22. We've had a chat on the phone and it's pistols at dawn tomorrow Or probably not
  23. Yep, that Evora was a flipping bargain Dave, we both would have snapped that up given half a chance! There's something about an Elise/Evora fleet sitting in the garage that appeals. On this Exige, I immediately offered a hefty deposit (I think the advert was about 1/2 hour old ) to hold it until after lockdown but it was a firm 'no thanks' from the owner - he wants it bought and gone quickly, no messing about, that's why it's cheap (he says!). Anyway, as I say, fortune favours the brave, I wil be surprised if it doen't sell today to someone who is close enough to risk a sneaky viewi
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