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  1. Sadly not Lotus related but I will tell anyway...

    Many years ago, my mate's wife passed her driving test after a few attempts. From the test centre she dropped off the instructor and then went for a quick drive for fun. My mate returned from work to find her missing and a little later she phoned home from Torquey (280 miles away!), having gone there because "she knew the way" and was enjoying the drive :lol:


  2. That's a coincidence, sent you a pm half an hour ago because I know of someone looking for one - too late!

    Always a bit sad to sell a Lotus but don't worry, you can always buy another :)



  3. I agree with the replies made so far...

    Nice car but not rare, sadly not really worth anything extra over pretty much any other Elise SC of that age/mileage. The offer of £19K is about what would be expected for a straight cash purchase by a dealer, but with a bit of fettling it would be up for sale on their forecourt for  £25+K. As Alex says, £22-23K private sale should see it shift pretty quickly and you can filter out the timewasters on the phone :)

    Or, left field option, you could try the Collecting Cars auction website for a hassle free sale. I have watched most of the Lotus sales on there and all of the modern stuff has sold in excess of what the seller could have achieved from a dealer purchase. In some cases cars have even gone for more than a private sale - crazy! Costs you nothing as the seller.


    Good luck whatever you decide.

  4. Sorry to hear that Adam, when a car is proper money then it really should be bang on, especially at less than a year old!

    You could keep the Exige and buy a cheaper Evora, run them both for a while and see which you prefer!

  5. Value of the full set according to someone who should know (he sells second hand Lotus parts as a business) is around £900 to £1100, depending on condition. For that sort of money they have to be straight, a few marks in the paint are ok but no bends or dinks!

    Good luck with the sale, you can advertise them on here FIRST of course but another (arguably bigger!) market is on the classifieds of SELOC which is also free for members.

  6. I agree, victory wheels, very well regarded and sought after! I don't know the value of a second hand set but I know a man who does, I'll ask him his opinion and let you know :)



  7. 4 hours ago, Phil S1 said:

    I have finally finished the Super Corsair, parts used in the construction this time were Correx, plywood (wing spar), balsa (spinner), two pop bottles (rear canopy section and engine fairing), the metal bottom of a Pringles tube and kebab sticks (pilot's seat), plastic drink straws (exhausts) and white cut vinyl for all the graphics. Thanks also to Laura for sorting me out with photo-shopped and resized prints for the engine and cockpit detail.

    I still have the paper plans to build 2 other aircraft although I'm not sure I dare start building another one just yet 😁


    No way have you built that out of bits and bobs and a bit of plastic - I thought you were building these models using some sort of fancy kits! Have you ever considered a job with Blue Peter?

    Amazing work that Phil, I'm well impressed 👍

  8. 43 minutes ago, MrWill said:

    Bloody hell Dunc that's amazing - Well done sir; looks ace 👌

    Err... Have you seen the cat recently? 😉

    :lol: that's not such a daft question. We have two cats which both took a very close interest in the underfloor adventure playground and more than once went walkabouts under the house. I checked very carefully indeed before nailing down the last boards :)

  9. Hi Mark, we've already 'spoken' on TLF but welcome to MLOC :)

    Your car sounds really interesting, I'm intrigued to know how well a supercharged K series will go - could well be a great combination of tractibility and power and all with a very nice sound. Keep an eye out in 'events' for local runs and get yourself signed up for Lotus in the Peak when we release the tickets (soon!).


  10. Welcome!

    I'm going to disagree with quite a few of the answers you already have :lol:

    Don't get hung up on the open shifter, the old style closed shifter is excellent on the Elise and having had both I actually prefer the closed one. It would be a different story if you were buying a V6 Exige - on THAT car the open shifter is a huge advantage.

    Remember that on the Elise Cup, with the closed shifter you also get the much more extreme aero which to my eyes looks fantastic, although not to everyone's taste!

    For my use (Elise)  aircon is a complete waste of money and is in fact a liability in terms of weight and reliability. The system weighs around 15kg (from memory) and is renowned for developing expensive problems. The Elise doesn't get hot in the cabin at all, different story for the Exige V6 which certainly does get very toasty!

    220 Vs 250 - the big advantage (for me) of the 250 Cup is the extra 500rpm on the rev limit when compared to the 220.

    However, the 220 engine can be aftermarket tuned to about 260bhp, the 250 engine is stuck at 250 because AFAIK nobody has yet cracked the ECU.

    V6 Vs Elise - both great cars, the V6 is more expensive to run in every way, particularly on track where it guzzles fuel and is a lot heavier on brakes and tyres. Having said that it's also quite a bit faster ON THE STRAIGHTS. not so sure in the twisties! The Elise is like a scalpel, the V6 Exige is like a bloody great sword :lol:

    I can't comment on your V6 Vs Elise dilemma, you really need to drive them both, I've had two V6 Exiges and I went back to a 250 Cup because I much prefer the way it handles on a twisty road. If I was looking for an Elise I would go for a used and bog standard 220 (best value) or a 250Cup (just best) :)

    Good luck!



  11. Hi Lisa, difficult one this because the cost of a paint job is a 'how long is a piece of string' type question. You can look around and get a cheap job that might be perfectly ok or might only last a few months before problems begin to reappear. A 'guaranteed' job from someone who really knows what they are doing (painting fibreglass is not the same as painting metal) will almost certainly not be cheap. Depending on the amount of work needed, think in terms of thousands rather than hundreds :( 

    As previously mentioned, S1 cars needing a bit of work (and priced accordingly) will always find a willing buyer - you can advertise on here for free and to reach a wider audience you can join SELOC and advertise on there for free too. In your position (and if I decided to sell) I would try this approach first, if your price is reasonable (no need to give it away!) you could have a hassle free sale in a couple of weeks.

    However, what you should really do is keep it and come on some runs/events, the paintwork doesn't matter  :)

    Good luck :tup: 

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