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  1. Another WOW for Pete's shiny beauty :)

    How do you guys do it? Every time I look at my Cup it seems to be liberally coated in cow shit etc :lol:

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  2. 2 hours ago, Davey D said:



    Welcome Dave and WOW that is one very shiny car :wub:  Take note Pete (another MLOC Olive Green Exige owner), look what you can do with a bit of elbow grease :lol:

    As Ray (Elisemadray) says, get yourself booked onto a Lotus in the Peak run, just 5 weeks away and we already have 100 cars booked in. Better still come for the whole weekend and meet loads of the regular suspects at the Friday night BBQ - that's going to be great fun :tup:

    Details here....


    and our latest video (courtesy of some of very talented MLOC members!) is here......



  3. A young kid (probably about 10ish?) shouted "shit car!" as drove slowly past in my Signature Orange 350 Sport :lol:

    Other than that it's always been very positive :)


  4. 31 minutes ago, quantum2000 said:

    Spoken with dealership, if it's a useable every day car, I'm ordering

    That's the key, if it's a bit smaller than the Evora, drives and looks great + is useable everyday I too will be extremely tempted  :)

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  5. I'm watching with huge interest - it's been a big part of my ridiculous indecision about buying another Exige and if it looks good I could easily be tempted to splash out.

  6. Nothing to report from me, but many years ago one of my school friends bought a brand new Cossack 650 motorbike and sidecar - a beautiful looking thing in gloss black, twin cylinder horizontally opposed engine, same as a BMW.  He drove it out of the dealership and crashed straight into a tree, smashing one of the cylinder heads clean off. The salesman walked out of the garage and helped him push it the 50 yards back into the workshop :lol:

  7. OH that's lovely, I'm a real fan of silver wheels :)

    I've got a 7" 2bular back box on my 250 - sounds great, I don't think it drones much but to be honest it rarely sits at 3K rpm for any length of time so I couldn't be certain.

    I would be very surprised if you suffered with any stone chips on the roof, not a vulnerable point IMO. 

    Congratulations on your purchase, don't forget to save the date for Lotus in the Peak (9th, 10th, 11th July) and get it booked as soon as we release the details :)



  8. many moons ago I had a newish S2 111S with only 20K miles on the clock and as you describe, the suspension was rather 'crashy'. Perfectly ok on minor ripples/bumps/undulations but sounded terrible on potholes etc. During my search for that car I drove 2 or 3 other cars (all 111S) and they all sounded the same. This was a time when they were all pretty low mileage.

    EDIT: Later I had a 2006 Sports Racer 111R (with Exige S2 shocks/springs) and that was slightly better but still rather crashy.

    No idea if you can improve matters with different shocks, all I can say is that I think the suspension geometry of an S3 Elise must be very similar to yours but the ride (lack of crashiness!) is far superior, so it must be possible!

  9. Where's that picture come from Scott, have you seen it in the flesh?

    If you search Google images for 'Plum Crazy Exige' it comes up with the original photos from Oakmere - looks fantastic under their showroom lights.

    I think it might be the only Exige in Plum Crazy, there was a Plum Crazy Elise (Cup I think?) sold a couple of years ago and a similar colour 'Ultra Violet' Exige 380 sold by Snows about the same time. That one took ages to shift and they reduced the price over and over until it became a real bargain. Be interesting to see how long this one takes to sell, only takes one person to really love it B)


  10. Interesting that one Scott - my eyes are sort of magnetically drawn to the bright purple but I'm not sure if I love it or hate it :lol: I went to look at a Lotus at Parkway a few years ago, a Chrome Orange 220 Elise. Looked nice but it had suffered a smack up the arse - you could see the repairs inside the boot and the paint was just slightly off. They expressed surprise when I mentioned it but I couldn't help but notice that the car was parked with the damaged corner right next to the wall making it very difficult to spot :)

    I know what you mean Ray about the Autumn Gold one, it's a perfectly reasonable price but I now have a mental block about it due to my failed offer :lol:

    To be honest it looks like I'm keeping the Cup 250. No new car excitement but never mind :drive:

  11. 8 hours ago, DeanB said:

    Mine is booked in for its mot on Monday. Wish me luck! 

    Good luck Dean, it will breeze though I bet :tup:

    Mine's booked in on Thursday, fingers crossed for dry roads as the drive to the MOT garage is fantastic:drive:  (Nearest garage with suitable ramps, honest!)

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