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  1. Hi , do you know if there  is a run out on Sunday 6 June in the Peak District if there is how do I book a place , thanks  John m

    1. duncx


      Hi John,

      Nothing planned for this Sunday in the Peaks as far as I know, mainly because most of the 'regulars' are doing a route through Leicestershire for a breakfast ice cream!

      Any runs that are organised will be advertised on the 'events' forum using a thread title that will state the time and place. If you are interested in joining in you just reply to the thread and the person organising the run will add you to the list - it always works like that! Sometimes you have to be quick as we are always limited to a maximum of 12 cars and these runs can be very popular!

      Over the month of June and early July it's likely that there will be less runs in the Peaks because it's usually (not always!) myself or Ray (Elisemadray) who orgainse them and we are busy doing practice runs for the group leaders of Lotus in the Peak. Still, you never know, just keep your eye on the events forum :)





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  2. Dunc


    i will be going solo, but had promised my spare ticket to Charlie (Charlie Drives) for his Uncle, I am just waiting to hear back confirmation that he can make it. If not you are welcome to use it. I will ping him a message.👍🏻



    1. duncx


      OK thanks Simon.

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