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  1. Yep, great run, thanks for organising Ray - until today I wasn't sure that you even own a roof for the Yella Fella Luke is the new roof-off die-hard
  2. Looks great, Vivid Green is a great colour I've been to work today in my 250 Cup, reminds me every time what a truly stunning package it is, absolutely perfect for the Peaks
  3. That will probably have been Ray - he's everywhere, all of the time
  4. Very sad to see you leaving Lotus Adam, decent result in the end though If/when I get an Emira I will be bringing it over to see you and to tempt you back into the fold Good luck with the op, the job, the house search
  5. All LitP information for the Sunday morning runs etc is here... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/68804-lotus-in-the-peak-information/?tab=comments#comment-324279 If you are on a run you MUST check out this information and you MUST bring your signed 'MSA Competitor Signing-On' sheets with you on Sunday. See you Sunday
  6. duncx

    Back in Red

    Very, very nice indeed Damn shame you can't have it in time for Lotus in the Peak - can't you give Jon the 'hurry up'?
  7. Welcome Jon, and for anyone else wondering "where's my tickets?" don't worry, as Ray says we will be in touch soon! We have to wait until we have recieved all bookings (Sunday last chance!) before we can compile all the lists and sort out the groups for the Sunday runs - it's quite a task! There will be a global email sent out to ALL participants mid next week, with details for the Friday BBQ, the Sunday runs, group lists, sign on sheets, safety briefing, Covid safety statement etc. We are usually very good at getting everyone who has booked but if you dont recieve anything (check your sp
  8. Where was that baby Elan? I saw the red Exige (and had a chat to the owner about LitP), + a red Sports Racer 111R, + a grey S2 Elise from a distance (Dean I think!) and my mate went in his S2 baby elan soft top. Great show but insanely hot and we had to leave at around 1.00, my kit car was seriously complaining on the way home with the hot conditions, there were times when I thought I wasn't going to make it back - all part of the fun
  9. duncx


    Welcome back, perfect weather for some shakedown runs
  10. For all you folks who live in the Chesterfield area, it's Ashover Classic Show tomorrow 18th July. If previous years are anything to go by it should be a very good show, well worth a look. It really should be called a Classic and Sportscar show as there is usually all sorts of interesting stuff there - if you turn up in your Lotus make sure you enter and park in the exhibitors area , makes mooching around the show much nicer. There's usually some autojumble stalls and craft stalls etc too. Costs £8 to get in and the weather is looking spectacular! https://www.ashoverclassics.co.uk/ I
  11. duncx


    Nice photos of great times, this is what LitP is all about
  12. OY! How did you get that picture of my car? Good write up
  13. Welcome to the club Mark and liking the sneaky photo - camera held low and at a jaunty angle Hope the Cup is ok, you're not supposed to break it so quickly!
  14. duncx

    AH 10TUS

    Ahem! "We strongly advise you to keep your certificate number confidential.." Very nice plate that Matt, I think I might steal it
  15. Here's the car.. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11813656 You will be back one day Matt, maybe in a nice new Emira
  16. Blimey Harry, that is truly EPIC! Don't panic but you've only got four and a bit weeks left to get it finished! EDIT: You should talk to Daveb99, the two of you have lots to talk about The Mustard Yellow Elise S1 Refresh Thread - Page 6 - General Talk - Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)
  17. duncx

    Hi all

    Another WOW for Pete's shiny beauty How do you guys do it? Every time I look at my Cup it seems to be liberally coated in cow shit etc
  18. duncx

    Hi all

    Welcome Dave and WOW that is one very shiny car Take note Pete (another MLOC Olive Green Exige owner), look what you can do with a bit of elbow grease As Ray (Elisemadray) says, get yourself booked onto a Lotus in the Peak run, just 5 weeks away and we already have 100 cars booked in. Better still come for the whole weekend and meet loads of the regular suspects at the Friday night BBQ - that's going to be great fun Details here.... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/litp/ and our latest video (courtesy of some of very talented MLOC members!) is here...... http
  19. I saw that car advertised Ray, lovely car at a very good price I thought
  20. Beaten to it by Dave, AGAIN
  21. Hope it heals quick Adam, but moving on to the more important stuff would you like me to look after the Exige for a while, just to check it's ok and not seizing up etc?
  22. A young kid (probably about 10ish?) shouted "shit car!" as drove slowly past in my Signature Orange 350 Sport Other than that it's always been very positive
  23. duncx


    That's the key, if it's a bit smaller than the Evora, drives and looks great + is useable everyday I too will be extremely tempted
  24. duncx


    I'm watching with huge interest - it's been a big part of my ridiculous indecision about buying another Exige and if it looks good I could easily be tempted to splash out.
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