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  1. Nice morning here in the Peak District, get yourself over this way and enjoy
  2. Hi Mark, we've already 'spoken' on TLF but welcome to MLOC Your car sounds really interesting, I'm intrigued to know how well a supercharged K series will go - could well be a great combination of tractibility and power and all with a very nice sound. Keep an eye out in 'events' for local runs and get yourself signed up for Lotus in the Peak when we release the tickets (soon!). Cheers
  3. You should come back from the Dark Side Scott, I miss seeing our Cups lined up after a good run out
  4. Welcome! I'm going to disagree with quite a few of the answers you already have Don't get hung up on the open shifter, the old style closed shifter is excellent on the Elise and having had both I actually prefer the closed one. It would be a different story if you were buying a V6 Exige - on THAT car the open shifter is a huge advantage. Remember that on the Elise Cup, with the closed shifter you also get the much more extreme aero which to my eyes looks fantastic, although not to everyone's taste! For my use (Elise) aircon is a complete waste of money and is in fact a liability in terms of weight and reliability. The system weighs around 15kg (from memory) and is renowned for developing expensive problems. The Elise doesn't get hot in the cabin at all, different story for the Exige V6 which certainly does get very toasty! 220 Vs 250 - the big advantage (for me) of the 250 Cup is the extra 500rpm on the rev limit when compared to the 220. However, the 220 engine can be aftermarket tuned to about 260bhp, the 250 engine is stuck at 250 because AFAIK nobody has yet cracked the ECU. V6 Vs Elise - both great cars, the V6 is more expensive to run in every way, particularly on track where it guzzles fuel and is a lot heavier on brakes and tyres. Having said that it's also quite a bit faster ON THE STRAIGHTS. not so sure in the twisties! The Elise is like a scalpel, the V6 Exige is like a bloody great sword I can't comment on your V6 Vs Elise dilemma, you really need to drive them both, I've had two V6 Exiges and I went back to a 250 Cup because I much prefer the way it handles on a twisty road. If I was looking for an Elise I would go for a used and bog standard 220 (best value) or a 250Cup (just best) Good luck!
  5. Hi Lisa, difficult one this because the cost of a paint job is a 'how long is a piece of string' type question. You can look around and get a cheap job that might be perfectly ok or might only last a few months before problems begin to reappear. A 'guaranteed' job from someone who really knows what they are doing (painting fibreglass is not the same as painting metal) will almost certainly not be cheap. Depending on the amount of work needed, think in terms of thousands rather than hundreds As previously mentioned, S1 cars needing a bit of work (and priced accordingly) will always find a willing buyer - you can advertise on here for free and to reach a wider audience you can join SELOC and advertise on there for free too. In your position (and if I decided to sell) I would try this approach first, if your price is reasonable (no need to give it away!) you could have a hassle free sale in a couple of weeks. However, what you should really do is keep it and come on some runs/events, the paintwork doesn't matter Good luck
  6. Welcome to both of you lucky new owners - two fantastic cars Do you fancy a run out?......... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/67636-peaks-run-sunday-15th-start-730-am/
  7. Good stuff Charlie, it's clear that you really love that car Sadly, I can't even take the [Censored] about you running out of fuel .... Good weekend that was
  8. duncx

    Need Your Help

    No, don't think this until you've driven all types on offer! Some people (not me) really don't like the 111R at all - it's not a particularly torquey engine, it's a real screamer but doesn't come properly 'alive' until you hit 6200rpm (or 5700rpm with lowering chip fitted) and then it really goes If you like drama and playing with the gearbox it's a great car, if you prefer a more relaxing experience then it's probably not for you and a 111S might be better
  9. duncx

    Need Your Help

    Dean is right, your link is to a 134bhp 1.8 Toyota engine car - don't confuse this with the earlier 1.8 Rover engine cars or the 189/190bhp 1.8 Toyota engine cars! The 'S' as mentioned above is no firecracker but it is a very nice car for normal road use. Reasonably torquey, totally reliable 1.8 engine (no cambelt) and 5-speed box, facelift interior with a better dashboard layout and overall a much improved build quality. In this price range you could also look for .... An earlier 111S (Rover) for less weight and more character. or a 111R (Toyota) for a screaming engine and 6 speed box. (I doubt you could find a supercharged car for £20K) I much prefer the 111R but others will strongly disagree
  10. Pm sent, although you already have my number from your test ride!
  11. Can't help on how to get into the boot (I bet there's a trick!) but if you can't sort it quickly I can lend you a spare roof for a while - I'm near the village of Eyam. Hope you get it sorted
  12. I think you like that car don't you Charlie?
  13. The 250 Cup is very similar to the 220, I doubt you would notice much difference unless you got them both onto a track and were moving at sufficient speed to get the aero working on the Cup. However, love it or hate it the body kit on the Cup makes it look very different.
  14. duncx

    Last chance

    Be an epic result if you make it
  15. duncx

    Last chance

    Can't help I'm afraid I assume you've tried Oakmere to see if they can sell/lend you anything? Is some epic bodgery not a possibility? Good Luck!
  16. You beat me to it Dean, I was going to say something similar but.... Kurt - haha absolutely no chance However, I notice you are booked onto Ashbourne Brisk so if you like I could ask the other group leaders if seven of us can gather round you so that you can drool at the lovely collection of LitP shirts on view - would that help at all? Jon - as Dean says, I know for certain that there weren't any shirts available last year, not a single one. I've had 10 shirts done this year (albeit without the embroidery on the arms) but they've all gone immediately to new leaders - apart from just one! I'm not sure yet if the 'spare' will be a medium or a large.
  17. Offer it to WillB and Jono Seal - they will both probably bid about £2K below a private sale asking price. It's a very good indicator Prices are all over the place at the moment but as a total guess I would say around £16-17K? (I'm no expert!)
  18. Hope you improve soon Keith Anyone else who is reading this thread and thinking 'maybe I could lead a group?' please let me know! We still have time to get you up to speed on either of the routes, the most helpful would be someone who's booked on Ashbourne medium but tbh we could work with anything! Less than 2 weeks to go
  19. Get yourself to a dealers and pick up an Exige V6 Auto - job's a carrot Thanks for the offer, if you think you will be ok for the day itself but you need time in between to recover I could show you round the route in an ordinary car, you could stick your gammy leg out of the window or something!
  20. BUMP! We still have space for a couple of reserve leaders, which depending on the weather (dry & sunny = more bookings!) could easily turn into the real thing! Although there is only three weeks to go until the LitP weekend that's still plenty of time to learn a route, which in itself is great fun! Come on folks, join the team and have a go at being an LitP Group Leader
  21. We've had a couple of volunteers (thanks chaps ) but we still have room for a reserve or two. If you fancy giving it a go leave a reply on here and someone will get back to you Just over 6 weeks to go!
  22. To be fair, I am one of the 'fake cup' guys you speak of - my 250 Cup is dripping with lightweight carbon parts but has never been on track and I quite often listen to Radio 4 when driving it However, in my defence there is no Aircon fitted, which was a massive plus for me when I bought the car Dunno why I keep looking at the Exige V6, the engine note is fantastic and in some ways I much prefer the looks of the thing. The Elise looks like a pretty toy car whereas the Exige looks like a thouroughly mean brute. I look at the Elise in my garage and I think 'ah, pretty car', but I used to look at the Exige in my garage and think 'f*****g hell look at that monster, it's going to come over here and rip my knackers off just for the hell of it'. Then, when you start it up it growls at you 'think you're man enough WHIMP? Well do you, do you....GRRRRRR!' I have a vivid imagination If you haven't already done so, have a look here for a good write up on the 350 Sport. https://www.thelotusforums.com/latest-news/lotus-cars-news/driven-exige-sport-350/ P.S. It's no secret that the powertrain (gearbox) in the V6 is a bit naff, it's the Achilles heel of the car. The gearchange action on the 350 Sport is improved over the V6S but it's still noisy in a not nice way. If you go for a test drive make sure you get the car thouroughly warmed up to be sure that you can live with it. The noise is well documented elsewhere if you search on the forums.
  23. Hi, welcome back, it's clearly taken a while but you've finally seen sense I can help on the comparison questions... An Elise 220 is no faster than an SC. Probably a little bit more refined in the squeaks and rattles department and a little bit more frugal on fuel but that's about it, apart from the S3 styling of course (there a few SC engined S3 cars around but not many) They all handle pretty much the same but the power delivery is quite a bit different - the 220 is a bit more torquey but doesn't rev as high, as you know the SC is a screamer The V6 Exige is a different beast altogether. It's faster, quite a lot faster. It handles beautifully, feels totally planted and shrugs off crappy road surface in a way that the Elise cannot match. The exhaust note is fantastic and the brakes are stunning. However, there's a trade off for all these positives - it's less chuckable than the Elise, the steering isn't as playfull (and is downright unpleasant at parking speeds!), you can tell the car is quite a bit heavier and wider, it's definitely more expensive to run. The interior is virtually identical to the Elise 220 Over the last few years I've gone Elise 111R, Exige 350 Sport, another Exige 350 Sport, now have an Elise 250 Cup, but I keep looking at Exige 350s and 380s on pistonheads - I can't help it Whatever you decide be quick about it, you only have 6 weeks before Lotus in the Peak 2019!
  24. Alex - Junks on SELOC had some brand new forged fronts (same design as yours), he was selling them individually so if you just have one wheel that needs replacing then it might be worth giving him a shout.
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