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  1. timloy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I hope to make it Saturday coming up A49 from Ludlow. I wont know for sure until Saturday morning if i can make it, what time are you leaving home?
  2. timloy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Yes its good for me.
  3. timloy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Hi I'm from Ludlow, can I join in.
  4. timloy

    S2 Rear shocks - please help!

    I had a similar problem a while ago and was advised to get mine refurbished at Bilstein, they replaced seals and rods and calibrated them to original spec. I can't remember how much it cost but a lot less than new price and turnaround in about 10 days by courier. Give them a call I don't know the number but google it. Hope this may help.
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    IMG 1682

  7. timloy


    MLOC Wales 2015
  8. timloy


    MLOC Wales 2015
  9. timloy


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    Sea air

  12. timloy

    Elise by the sea


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