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  1. Well it's been 2 years now since i bought my M100. No serious problems to report apart from a puncture and the loss of the radio code after i replaced the battery. Just took her in for a second MOT and you guessed it she failed on the BRAKES, not having sufficient pressure and being biased on one side. Garage have recommended new callipers or having the original refurbished. Have gone for the refurbs as I want to keep the car original. Fingers crossed it works out. Watch this space. Thanks
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    Just purchased my first Lotus Elan and due to collect it on Sunday. The car itself is in mint condition and has had 2 owners from new. I am buying it from the second owner. After looking at the car today it feels and looks like the car has just left the showroom. Bodywork and engine are pristine, the cars interior is as it came from the factory even down to the original radio. It has even been on display at some classic car shows in the North West. I feel like I have just won the lottery, Sunday can't come quick enough.
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