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  1. Beautiful car Alex.
  2. Ouch! Bad luck Dave, hope you knit back together soon[emoji1303] we don't bounce as well the older we get[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just shows, you just never know who your neighbours are.
  4. Hi Alex New fan and fitting kit already on its way from Elise Shop, mine was making a horrible sound when it kicked in. I think it's a case of replace as many failing items as possible while it's off. Hi Steve I first thought a hose might have come loose, but when I checked them they were as tight as a drum. I've been getting the smell of hot coolant for a while and the temperature has been erratic, with a loss of coolant regularly, I think it was only a matter of time before this happened. I also have the splitter to fit, which will be far easier with the clam off. Simon
  5. Cheers guys, this is going to be an adventure, as I'm not the most mechanically minded person. Alan, the towing post is one job I also intend to do as the one that's on is all but rusted away, think I will have to drill the old fixings out as there's not much solid metal left.
  6. Thanks Martin, no aircon on mine, I will probably enlist the help of a friend or two who are mechanically minded, one has just done a complete nuts and bolt rebuild of a 1968 MGB Roadster, that's what friends are for!!