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  1. quantum2000


    Spoken with dealership, if it's a useable every day car, I'm ordering
  2. The GT3 proved too expensive to track regularly, but was no quicker than the Exige. Also at the time I had a falling out with Porsche over the original GT4 allocations. Purchased 2 new GT3's from them and was allocated a first gen GT4 unfortunately I was gazumped by someone who spent more with them.
  3. 911 GTS!. I came from a 997 GT3 to an original Exige V6, then Exige V6 CR. Briefly had a 2020 GT4, dealer made me an offer too good to miss before taking delivery lol. I'll end up back in a 911 at some point, they just tick so many boxes.
  4. quantum2000

    Exige V6 CR

    Exige V6 Club Racer
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