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  1. Elise cup holder

    Its the red one btw, you will need to add supports when producing the code and it now features 2, one pound coin slots and a hole for a rolled up note
  2. Elise cup holder

    Should be okay to change it to .stl or try the one attached Cup holder Mk4.stl
  3. Elise cup holder

    Tested Mark3 today, im happy with it but have made a small adjustment so hopefully attached is mk4. Cup holder Mk4.enc
  4. Elise cup holder

    Cheers, might look at adding a tray to the holder!
  5. Elise cup holder

    Done one test with the general holder and it went well, just slid a few times around corners but I think it should be better with some rubber stuck to the inside of the clip. I have also printed an elise
  6. Elise cup holder

    Hi all, i have recently brought a 3d printer, one of my first projects has been making a cup holder ready for litp. See what you think. I have done 2 designs, one general holder and one design specifically to hold a costa refillable cup. I'm quite happy to pass either stl file on to anyone who wants to print one off.
  7. S2 first lotus


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