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  1. Brake swap , big to small.

    Thanks for that. I've requested a quote for a couple of those in stainless so let' see what they say. Can't cost as much as taking the clam off
  2. Brake swap , big to small.

    I'm going with this now on mine and rather than the expense of taking the clam off again could you tell me where you got your banjo adaptors from please?
  3. Green Elan for sale.

    You jest but he's had mine down there about 3 weeks now thanks to snow ?
  4. Selling up

    900 miles is 3 times as many as I got out of mine this last year. I've promised myself that I'll use it more this year. You just have to get it out and enjoy it rather than selling.
  5. 4 wheel alignment recommendations

    PJS over in Burton set up my nitrons for me with their fancy alignment machine. How far is that from you?
  6. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    Sounds like it might be decision made. Now need to pick a steering wheel. I do like the Momo Team if i go for a leather wheel. Edit. Other than Demon Tweaks (which is a bit of a trek) where is good to go play with new steering wheels?
  7. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    Yeah I don' find the standard wheel "too big" so may be slightly smaller would be ok but wouldn't want to go loads smaller. I thought the Elise parts one had dots to line up everything? I do like the look of that B&G one. How easy is it to take on and off and line up?
  8. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    What's the play like in it? As Dean says I want to go for the tightest feeling one out there really.
  9. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    That looks a real nice bit of kit. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the removable boss and where from? Does it run on splines?
  10. Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    As a bit of a cheer myself up present I was thinking of going for the Eliseparts removable steering wheel kit to make it a lot easier to get in and out of the car in the garage. However this means a new steering wheel and I have no idea which. Just thought I would see what the consensus was out there on which is the best wheel for feel, size, durability etc? Thanks all
  11. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Life is all over the place at the moment so I don' know what days would suit me but yes I would be interested in coming out again. Anything to get out of the house.
  12. So what's everyone up to with their Lotus just now?

    Nothing too extravagant for me ad I've spent enough on it in the last 12 months (probably more ££'s than miles) so just a bit of a spruce up. New nose badge will go on tomorrow once I've got the sticky residue from the old one off.
  13. S2 Exige nose badge

    Cheers Martin. I thought that it was stuck on but it got me thinking. What's the best way to remove it without damaging the paint? A bit of cotton thread and a hairdryer? Cheers all.
  14. S2 Exige nose badge

    I'm being a bit thick here so hopefully this is a simple answer for you lot. I'm looking at replacing the faded nose badge on my Exige. I thought it was stuck on but looking at the Eliseparts badge it bolts through the clam. Surely I don't have to take the clam off to replace the badge do I? https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/16/83/lotus-nose-badge/ Cheers all
  15. Driving experience ideas please.

    How about a Junior rally driving day? I wouldnt mind learning to drive fast on gravel myself :-)

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