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  1. After talking with Chris at Hofmanns he clearly knows his stuff. I'm leaning towards the non-sensible option and paying the extra. Chris told me that the 46mm piston and their custom valving and spring rates mean the still rides lovely on the road which was my biggest fear. Just got to get it passed the missus now.
  2. Each time I think about it I change my mind on what to do. What spring rate is the standard springs used on the Bilsteins? My car has done roughly 40k miles so the springs should be ok despite being 13 years old. Being sensible you would just go for the cheap option of only new Bilstein dampers. I guess the ideal but way more expensive option would be Nitron NTR's with a spring rate setup closer to the standard than 425/550 so good on road (if not a smooth as standard) and with the adjustability to improve the handling and track performance? To be sensible or not to be sensible???
  3. It must have been your car I was talking to Gav about then. He did say that straight out of the box the Quantums felt really nice even without any adjustments. He also said that the Nitron street series were a bit of a nightmare. Dean What would you say to the standard spring rates mentioned on the Nitron website for the NTR fast road (425/550)? Spring rates confuse me!! If I just replaced the Billy dampers would you bother with replacing the springs at the same time as with springs as well there isn't much price difference to Nitrons?
  4. Afternoon all It looks like my Exige has finally had a damper let go on the rear and needs replacing. I just wanted to gauge everyone's opinion on the options out there. Do I just replace the Bilsteins like for like as I predominantly drive only on the road or do I go the whole hog and upgrade to the Nitrons as I do plan on the odd track day in the future? Plus if I upgrade what's the best version to go to as I wouldn't want to make the ride stupidly harsh and overly track focused? Would you choose the street series or the NTR fast road version? Cheers everyone.
  5. Simon That would look great on the forecourt outside the showroom ????
  6. I'll be out and about over the next week so I'll meet up for a bacon butty one day.
  7. I've done the one at Silverstone where you can choose which "experience" you want to do. I chose the single seaters which was something like 20-30 minutes on track in the Formula Silverstone car and really enjoyed it . No idea of cost though as it was a present off my sister.
  8. Couple more stolen from Facebook. Alex. I didn't realise that you had let the kids play in your car so thank you for that. Seems that they were very smitten with yours.
  9. Thank you everyone. We had a great day but I'm absolutely knackered now after only 4 hours sleep. Hopefully there's some cracking photos with the cars. Just a very quick morning after shot with my phone
  10. Andrew What did you think to Russell's work? I did drop him an email but at £275ish + extras, it's a bit rich which is putting me off a little. Where abouts is he as the website just says near junction 30? Cheers Simon. Spoke to him yesterday and he could fit me in the Friday before the wedding which is handy.
  11. Evening all Hoping one of you will be able to help me find a good detailer around Sheffield that doesn't brake the bank to use. I'm looking at getting the Exige professionally done ready for my wedding. It's not strictly the wedding car but it may as well be as the photographer is an ex S2 Elise owner and wants me to bring it along to have photos with it. Cheers all
  12. Well mine is nice and dirty again. Just to warn you guys that are on the Matlock Bath run the roads are covered in cow s*$t. Think every farmer in Derbyshire has been out in the tractor today.
  13. Mine only came out of the garage late last night so will only get a quick once over with a damp sponge before the route rehearsal later this afternoon. Also noticed that I have a broken light which I never knew about ????
  14. Are they all S2 parts? I quite like the sill covers as my plastic ones are getting scuffed up