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  1. Not sure mate moving house at the mo so unlikely. Drove the R8 - v10 spyder. Car lookedand sounded great. Felt a bit too normal though like a daily road car. The car was 7 years old for the same price as a 1 year old evora with warranty. Tax is a lot more on r8 so is servicing, repairs, insurance etc. I got 28mpg on a run the other day and the performance is incredible. Oh and the sound, it's like Ferrari league imo. Again that's only my view.
  2. Sorry spell check, it meant to say sound not smoke lol. No didn't own either one. Test drive them but the evora won hands down for me
  3. Finally took the plunge after driving an aston Martin and r8 finally ended up with my lovely white evora 400 and absolutely love it. The sound the drive is purely amazing (my neighbours are a bit annoyed how loud it is but the smoke makes up for that)
  4. Drove the 400 a definate improvement on the none aspirated but not sure it's worth the additional price tag, still got to drive the r8. Sat in one felt good but my thought is. Is it just an Audi? The aston Martin I think is out until I'm 50 plus lol.
  5. Well 2 differing responses, I owned the single aspirated evora and loved it, part of my issue is buying what I had before as I usually buy something different (I know it's not the same car in many ways but you know what I mean). The alternative is aston Martin vantage convertible (drove it and was only noisy after 4000 revs and was a bit too normal for me lol). Or the Audi R8 sypder but not driven one yet nor have I driven the new evora 400. I know it sound so like I am fussy but want to be certain as it is a lot of dosh
  6. Well, not been here for a while I did the worst thing ever and sold my evora for a maserati. No way looking at buying a Lotus 400. Just missed it too much, what are people's thoughts? Should I stop questioning myself about buying it or just go for it? It's that it a vantage convertible?