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  1. Looks well I quite like the red detail rims.
  2. Top info thank you, may I ask why you didn't take the plunge?
  3. Yes it's the car a David Hayton with 1500miles. I've had my eye on it for a couple of months and made an initial enquiry. For me buying a Lotus is an emotive purchase not a rational one and I have been trying to rationalise it for the last couple of months. Buying the SR was easy I knew what I wanted and searched for 12months or more to find the right car. I still love it every time I take her out she makes me smile. Six years on (seems like the magic numnber) I just find myself wanting and the Exige is beautiful. The colours right for me, imo you don't buy a car like this to blend in. Think I'll give then a call in the morning with a view to test driving next weekend.
  4. No cash has changed hands.. My SR has a special place in my heart as she's my first affair with Lotus
  5. Do I give up on my beloved Sports Racer for this; I'm in turmoil aarrghhh?
  6. So where did you go after all?
  7. Evening Gents, Apologies for not getting back, I've not been online for a couple of days. @Jonathan E CN certainly invoiced for a new clam. @Duncx Thanks for making the effort it's a pity I missed this, i would have appreciated a knowledgeable opinion.
  8. The front clam was replaced "For new" and painted at Christopee Neils18 months ago or so, worth my while paying them a visit do you think?
  9. .
  10. Barry at Auto detox in Rugley worked wonders on my Elise. I'll be heading back with my winter daily this year.p
  11. Thanks I'll drop Steve a line. I've been trying to find out a bit more on the topic, the closest I 've found is spider cracks or stress cracks in the gel coat of the fibre glass sometimes found on older boats. Proper gutted.
  12. Embarked on my weekly cleaning routine this morning and found this arrrggghhh... Would anybody know what causes this kind of phenomena, is it a paint defect or has my car taken an impact which I have been oblivious to? I wouldn't mind but I had the whole front end resprayed a couple of years ago
  13. http://selectcar.me/top-10-expensive-police-cars-world.html/2 Anybody ever seen one of these on the Road?
  14. Has anyone ventured into upgrading their audio in an S2 Elise? I'm open to speaker choice suggestions and wondered if anyone is aware of the max speaker depth?