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  1. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

    I would be interested also JIC there's any benefit from buying a greater quantity.
  2. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2018/august/cat-and-fiddle-pub-redeveloped/
  3. gear box oil

    I would be interested to know what is the weapon of choice for pumping the oil back into the transmission? Having read the thread has me thinking mine is overdue.
  4. Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    Mine cost £60 in black absolutely the right choice. I'm well pleased. These guys did the Rims on my winter run around also doing a top job. They're a well established family business. http://www.wilkinsonspowdercoating.co.uk
  5. Garage Servicing Recommendations

    I look after my own car but took it to PJS for the oil cooler service action. PJS gets my vote. Paul is a thoroughly nice bloke.
  6. Oakmere Lotus - Northwich

    I personally had a terrible expierance at Oakmere and left feeling like they had been totally disrespectful of my car and I. They did a terrible job of refurbing my alloys and the straw that broke the Camel's back was my car went in with a brand new, top end Varta battery. The next time I removed my battery cover was the following autumn/winter to find a budget battery which subsequently spilt its gutts all over my luggage compartment. I'll never go back again.
  7. Brake swap , big to small.

    Just changed all my hoses to braided with the clam on. Access is beneath the front grills. Lotus kindly fitted an opening in the crash box to access the lines. It's fiddly but I've done it with no special tools.
  8. As I have the car in pieces at present I was toying with the idea of powder coating the rear diffuser but I have a Stage 2 exhaust which pops through a cut out in the diffuser. Does anyone knowhow resilient to heat powder coating is, will it just blister or am I onto a winner. Any feedback appreciated. Steve
  9. Paint Protection

    That's the thread I was looking for. It obviously didn't register as Technical in my mind Many Thanks Steve
  10. Paint Protection

    Evening All, I'm certain I have previously read posts on mloc wrt paint protection but I seem unable to fund them. Having been disappointed with the Exige test drives in Q4 last year, I took the decision to spruce up my Sposrts Racer and the car is currently undergoing paint rectification. Every minor and not so minor imperfection is being dealt with. This had meant sacrificing the paint protection on the car and I am struggling to find a reputable installer to reapply new. Can anybody make any recommendations? Ta muchly.
  11. Dilema

    So I've been to Carlisle today and driven the V6. They scored a bit of a home goal from the outset as the car had a flat battery, they knew I was coming and I would have expected they have ensured the car had sufficient charge. As a result, none of the gauges worked for the duration of the test drive. Low charge mode apparently, both needles just bounced back and forth. I don't know if this is BS or whether the car has a genuine problem hopefully you guys can help me out with this. First impression following the drive... I didn't boot the car too hard and yes the torque delivery impressed but didn't blow me away. Yes the car was more refined than my old girl but that's not what I'm necessarily looking for in a Lotus, It's clear Lotus have tried to refine the car but it's not quite there it's neither refined nor raw its struggling for an identity in my view. The burnt orange is nice but on a dull day doesn't wow you either. I'd say its different as opposed to special. It certainty doesn't warrant the premium they're asking for the car. I need to see and get a feel for more cars. All sounds a little bit negative but that's not the case it's still a bloody nice machine and a contender at the right price. Q? For you V6 coupe owners do you drive them with the roof out also.
  12. Dilema

    Looks well I quite like the red detail rims.
  13. Dilema

    Top info thank you, may I ask why you didn't take the plunge?
  14. Dilema

    Yes it's the car a David Hayton with 1500miles. I've had my eye on it for a couple of months and made an initial enquiry. For me buying a Lotus is an emotive purchase not a rational one and I have been trying to rationalise it for the last couple of months. Buying the SR was easy I knew what I wanted and searched for 12months or more to find the right car. I still love it every time I take her out she makes me smile. Six years on (seems like the magic numnber) I just find myself wanting and the Exige is beautiful. The colours right for me, imo you don't buy a car like this to blend in. Think I'll give then a call in the morning with a view to test driving next weekend.
  15. Dilema


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