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  1. Driving In Europe Pickle

    Hello I'm getting in a bit of a pickle with my Euro road trip of what I do and don't need with clean air stickers. Motorway stickers etc. So need as much help as to what I do and don't need We are traveling through Brugges, Brussels, Luxembourg, Germany-Stuggart-Austria-Salzburg-Kitzbuhel, Italy-Venice-Lake Como, Switzerland- Zermatt, France- Lake Annecy- Bourne- Paris- Lille, Home The more I look into the more confused I get about all these stickers etc. Anyone that's travelled and can help would be a massive help Thanks
  2. Door waist seals - any interest?

    Any new updates. Cheers
  3. Door waist seals - any interest?

    Any updates at all I'd be interested too.
  4. Roof liner

    If you don't fancy doing it yourself I had mine done at a place in Leicester. Has been perfect for 3years now. Can did the details out if your interested Cheers
  5. Had my car serviced and got an MOT also at the weekend by Jon. Shame the weather was so bad but a service with a smile can't complain. Wish Jon best of luck in the future. Thanks Ollie
  6. Donington Park

  7. S2 Elise Exige

    S2 Elise Exige

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