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  1. ollie


    Hello, Just debating doing the NC500 in the Lotus. Whats people's opinions? I've heard lots of mixed reviews roads are bad, can be a nightmare parking where you feel it would be safe etc. We were thinking of doing it over 2 weeks with a mixture of B&Bs plus the possibility of some camping but obviously that creates its own problems fitting tent, sleeping bag, clothes etc all in? So opinions on anyone that's done it either in there lotus or other cars. Cheers
  2. All seems to have died a death on here so presume it isn't happening. We may need to just bite the bullet.
  3. How did you get on with the quote?
  4. I've heard good things about slix car care
  5. Yes I bet, hopefully shouldn't be to much longer now then.
  6. That's promising news then. Fingers crossed won't be to much further away now. I know alot of people are very eager to get some Thanks
  7. Hello, hope everyone is well, I know the industry is slow at the moment but just wondering if there had been any developments at all. Thanks
  8. Hello Richard Yes keep us updated please, sounds like it's heading in the right direction though. I'd be a bit concerned about them being slightly longer also though as mentioned above as I can't imagine there easy to cut then it will create the same problem as the lotus ones with rust. Surely if there the same length it should be fine? As the ones coming out the factory are just one length. Cheers Ollie
  9. Thanks for the reply Richard Fingers crossed they can make some up. I'm sure there would be a huge market for them if they don't perish like the old ones. Do you know If you will get an answer before Christmas as im desperate for some but don't fancy the bill from lotus at the moment. Cheers Ollie
  10. ollie


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