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  1. Hello thanks for the reply it's always in the same place it's where the two covers that are attached via Velcro one each side come of to allow the roof to come off its just on the lip of there but then from doing so makes the whole line of the roof wet then.
  2. Hello So does anybody with the knowledge fancy doing me a massive favour. I've owned my lotus for nearly 3years now. Unfortunately since I've owned it water comes in to the cabin. I've tried the usual checking seals, window adjustment door pins etc but to no avail. So if anybody fancies helping me that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. That's true every little helps. Suppose lotus would probably come back saying on back order as well
  4. I was hoping you could get say the Toyota version for half the price of what lotus try and sell it for. Looks like Toyota are just as expensive though.
  5. I'd be interested I the part number for the standard Toyota one if anyone knows as mine looks like it's seen better days. Cheers
  6. Had my car serviced and got an MOT also at the weekend by Jon. Shame the weather was so bad but a service with a smile can't complain. Wish Jon best of luck in the future. Thanks Ollie