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  1. Hello thanks for the reply it's always in the same place it's where the two covers that are attached via Velcro one each side come of to allow the roof to come off its just on the lip of there but then from doing so makes the whole line of the roof wet then.
  2. Hello So does anybody with the knowledge fancy doing me a massive favour. I've owned my lotus for nearly 3years now. Unfortunately since I've owned it water comes in to the cabin. I've tried the usual checking seals, window adjustment door pins etc but to no avail. So if anybody fancies helping me that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. That's true every little helps. Suppose lotus would probably come back saying on back order as well
  4. I was hoping you could get say the Toyota version for half the price of what lotus try and sell it for. Looks like Toyota are just as expensive though.
  5. I'd be interested I the part number for the standard Toyota one if anyone knows as mine looks like it's seen better days. Cheers
  6. No I've not used them yet. It's the one Gav recommended though so I imagine it will be a very good Job as it's his reputation also.
  7. Out of curiosity what was the price for a full respray. Is that taking panels of as well or spraying while on car.
  8. Gavs place is J.J autobodies thinking of getting my doors done of them.
  9. I'd be down for one of these such days if something could get organised
  10. Any other way apart from YouTube.
  11. Well had an absolute cracker of a day at Blyton even though it rained all day. Did make for a fun day though. Also cant recommend rainx enough the stuff worked an absolute treat. Ive got a couple of videos i can share what's the best way to upload them to here. Cheers ollie
  12. Yeh ill probably give it 20mins after the sighting laps, then get out there and get some track time in Yes hoping it will be a smooth day. Just dont fancy the 6am set of haha
  13. Cheers. So far there are 38 people signed on is that just me or does that seem a lot. Or will Blyton accommodate that many easily enough
  14. Hi cheers for all the replies chaps. Looks like I'll just have a trip down to one of the petrol stations then cheers for the offer scatty I'll just nip down to one of the above though. If I can I'll try and get some gopro footage also Probably won't be anything impressive though. Just hoping it stays clear now
  15. Hi Got a trackday booked for Blyton Park on Wednesday. Am I right in thinking there is no petrol pumps on site. If not what do you regular chaps do fuel wise. As in are you aloud to exit the track and return