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  1. Cheers fellas! It has indeed been a blast! as always there are lots that I would do differently if I were to do it again. but nothing to drastic just little bits and bobs. making my own mounts has allowed me to reduce the drive shaft position to be as straight as possible, there as straight as you can get without cutting the subframe/chassis. I’ll dig out some more during build and images.
  2. Martin edwards drive shafts, Harry’s gear shifter and I made my own engine mounts. I tried to make it look as OEM as possible.
  3. Thanks guys it was a lot of fun and some hair pulling at times but really happy with the result and she for sure goes!
  4. I know I know but pound for pound it’s more than upgrading the rover K would of achieved! and it sounds mega!!
  5. Its been awhile since being on here! and I haven't seen a lot of you in blooming ages1 Back in March last year I decided to bite the bullet and go head first into an engine swap in my S1, Covid helped this somewhat by stopping my boys football/rugby training and matches giving me week day nights and weekends. First I needed to source an engine, after Alan and Alex having there cars to ponder over I was initially looking at a K20A2 EP3 engine, but finding one under 100k was near on impossible unless it was re built and costing a small fortune! So I decided to look at the slightly
  6. It’s been awhile since I fitted mine, there is some confusion indeed around the part numbers but LGC106970 comes to mind. let me see if I have any notes. I may know of a chap with a set he may sell! Let me ask him. jody.
  7. Option 2 is fine, very old f1 ish!?!?.... but are they not covered by the filter anyway?
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