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  1. Chris if its at all helpful if you can get to mine I can sort this for you?
  2. Welcome back buddy! love the colour.
  3. Most now run the 111’s tyre setup. front 195/50/15 rear 225/45/16
  4. Cadwell 25th feb?
  5. If all is tight, when did you last have the Geo done? if there's a little play on the rear and under power the rear could move towards rear tow out causing the same feeling. Just a thought.
  6. Im running a Tubular (yes it arrived 2 years after ordering it!) and its a good sound .. S1 though as you know with a small bore piper manifold. Ill try to bring it over next Mon.
  7. Option 2 is fine, very old f1 ish!?!?.... but are they not covered by the filter anyway?
  8. Johnny that does look better, what was it the brackets or? Now a go in the R300 has me looking, you are a gent I would love ago
  9. Looking great John Can't wait for a ride in her! I've panda eyed the Elise too looks great I think!
  10. Cheers Jonny, just weighting my options up on a re build myself or some kind of exchange.
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