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  1. Ha ha No no no! She's been on stands since Cadwell. she will be out Sunday!
  2. Stunning mate! now drive it (not that mines seen much tarmac recently!! ;( )
  3. I'd be in, great place and have been many times!
  4. Mines on 450 500 spring rates and I use 19 from hard. 7-8 from hard on track.
  5. Option 2 is fine, very old f1 ish!?!?.... but are they not covered by the filter anyway?
  6. Prob those 235 rear tyres buddy
  7. Foggy is it a std rad? Mine sits at the low mark. Did you have the rear end up high when bleeding? Do you have a PRRT? Did you have the front end up when changing/bleeding the rad? When you took the old rad off did you disconect from the rad and drain from there or other?
  8. Rich when you say moving across the 12 spindals? do you mean the bolts are loose?! they should be around at least 25m torqued up? The discs shouldn't move on the ally centre. Its prob due to them being slightly thinner than an oem disc so hence pad chatter.
  9. Mega! And goes well too
  10. Cool so long as you have a solution mate yeah no worries whenever mate. I cant wait now!
  11. Hey bud is it that bad it cannot be straightened? Also are the pads wearing indifferent? If not she's prob fine as is. Have you felt anything with the brakes? I have that diffuser here for you if you want to pop over one night to fit or tom if you are around?
  12. Very nice Phil looks great can't wait for a nose around it
  13. Isn't the Dunlop bridge at the back of the circuit in a hanger in sections? Chris bought it for £300 did he not?
  14. I'm up for this