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  1. You will be fine with Coolex my old mans used these for years with Calibra Cav turbos running more power than the Lotus's. Ill be fitting one too when the clams off, there based in Nottingham and I believe they have supplied a few known companies with the radiators for the Elise platform.
  2. Hey Dean all good this end buddy, works been manic and with the lads Rugby Sunday mornings its hard to get out! I am definitely doing some track days this year though! new rear rotors and pads all fitted, shes been on axle stands since last Oct and SORNED.... its been horrible. Think my springs are 450F 500R and I have tightened up the anti roll bar. Ive also been playing with Geo and found a sweet spot for me ;)
  3. Crikey! splashing some cash Dean What spring rates are you going to run?
  4. Neil are you there buddy all ok? Call me.
  5. Chris if its at all helpful if you can get to mine I can sort this for you?
  6. Option 2 is fine, very old f1 ish!?!?.... but are they not covered by the filter anyway?
  7. Johnny that does look better, what was it the brackets or? Now a go in the R300 has me looking, you are a gent I would love ago
  8. Looking great John Can't wait for a ride in her! I've panda eyed the Elise too looks great I think!
  9. Cheers Jonny, just weighting my options up on a re build myself or some kind of exchange.
  10. The foam works well as an axle stand doesn't it!
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