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  1. Back in a Lotus at last

    No worries Andy see you soon buddy ?
  2. Back in a Lotus at last

    Yes mate I’ll be going down in the morning buddy. get it booked! ?
  3. Back in a Lotus at last

  4. Back in a Lotus at last

    I prefer this too.. in fact I have already booked the day off. will get it booked later. Can we reserve garages at all lads?
  5. Back in a Lotus at last

    I’ve not either yet, the 27th might be tight with a day off at work.. it’s a bit tight at the min. Both look good! let me know which your doing Andy? Are you joining Alan?? Need to catch up buddy ?
  6. Back in a Lotus at last

    I’m looking at these to, I’m swaying towards the 4th.
  7. Back in a Lotus at last

    Looks bloody lovely that! glad your back in a Lotus ?
  8. Lotus Number 4...

    Ha ha No no no! She's been on stands since Cadwell. she will be out Sunday!
  9. Lotus Number 4...

    Stunning mate! now drive it (not that mines seen much tarmac recently!! ;( )
  10. Gauging interest

    I'd be in, great place and have been many times!
  11. Nitron suspension setup

    Mines on 450 500 spring rates and I use 19 from hard. 7-8 from hard on track.
  12. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Option 2 is fine, very old f1 ish!?!?.... but are they not covered by the filter anyway?
  13. Brake bias

    Prob those 235 rear tyres buddy
  14. Air in coolant system/over pressurising

    Foggy is it a std rad? Mine sits at the low mark. Did you have the rear end up high when bleeding? Do you have a PRRT? Did you have the front end up when changing/bleeding the rad? When you took the old rad off did you disconect from the rad and drain from there or other?