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  1. Most now run the 111’s tyre setup. front 195/50/15 rear 225/45/16
  2. jody391

    Winter work.

    Cadwell 25th feb?
  3. If all is tight, when did you last have the Geo done? if there's a little play on the rear and under power the rear could move towards rear tow out causing the same feeling. Just a thought.
  4. jody391

    Any one with a K running a silenced decat?

    Im running a Tubular (yes it arrived 2 years after ordering it!) and its a good sound .. S1 though as you know with a small bore piper manifold. Ill try to bring it over next Mon.
  5. jody391

    Brake fluid change.... clutch as well?

    Yeah do the clutch as well buddy
  6. jody391

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Beautiful 😜
  7. jody391

    Steering rack ends

    Speak to Titan glyn. http://www.titan.uk.net/products/details/lotus-steering-racks the rack will need to come out though to send away or to refresh yourself. douable but a pain. around £30-40 each side! But my money is on the acetal/nylon cups in the rack that have collapsed.
  8. jody391


    oh no, sorry to hear this mate! I hope all gets sorted soon buddy.
  9. jody391

    Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    Leave the spoiler on mark it looks great buddy! 👍
  10. jody391

    Which aftermarket steering wheel?

    Oreca is a good one and £99! http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=3797&appid=5
  11. jody391

    FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Mon or wed are best for me 😉
  12. Agree with Rc5+ front and rc6 at rear great difference! again looking forward to hearing how the rc8 rc6 combo works out Martin 👍
  13. Awsome looking forward to having a nose around it and a catch up 👍
  14. Hey buddy yeah all good mate. the phosphor bronze cups are little cups that the inner trackrod (lives in the gator that the trackrod end bolts to) has originally acetal cups in. the bronze ones are an upgrade to stop them wearing/breaking as one of mine did!
  15. Mines been up on stands for awhile with the steering rack out for a re build and phosphor bronze cups. new hand brake cable and a change of geo.

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