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  1. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    OK results are in and dont know whether to be happy or sad.......i should be happy looking at the curve, i really really should be Anyway....... It’s a mixed bag of news The engine wanted to boost, way above the 11psi set in the actuator. So the dyno removed one of the two springs and got this down to 20psi. The spring should set actuator pressure to 4psi so need to find out why this is happening. It may be connected to the vacuum pump, this was disconnected and open to atmosphere and caused the crankcase to pressurise. Once disconnected, or sealed up, the engine was fine. Took a while to find out why but hey ho its not been done before. Weirdly the std gdi injection was ok at 410bhp, auxillary wasnt needed (was tested and wasnt great when injects as the injector opens to much for the need) but does work if needed. Theory is 350wbhp so 400bhp is the limit, which its not as they still had some headroom. But the major issue was detonation, at 20psi (1.4bar) the sensors were detecting knock, so the ignition was retarded to a point where the egt's got too high......This though should not happen, inlet temps were 30C so even if the compressor was blowing hot air (which its not according to the comp curve) this shouldnt effect detonation. A theory, which i need to confirm, is that the pistons are higher than the 9.3:1 they should be. This is because i used the 2.3 crank and rods, and the 2.0 pistons. The std 2.0 and 2.3 have the same comp ration, so longer stroke and short rod should ,ake the same as they share (i hope i am right) the same piston diameter. However, the 2.3 and the 2.0 use different heads so i dont know if the volumes change to compensate. As is normal here Dyno session finished late, so i will get more information tomorrow. So it may 410bhp, 300lbft at 3000rpm and 350lbft of torque with a flat chunky curve with lots of room under the curve. So i should be happy, right
  2. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Damico have kindly sent some shiney clean photos...........getting closer....again...again
  3. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Engine lasted 10 minutes on the dyno last week, then started to have a bad misfire at 2500rpm and load. So the head have to come for a re-check Spoke to the Engine builder today and its pretty clear whats happened The head was coked up, one of the down sides of direct injection, so the valves were sticking. An expensive lesson, yet again, but asked them to strip the engine, check and rebuild. They found a few minor issues and have mentioned that it may be worthwhile porting the head..........it never ends Should be a couple of weeks to get it put back together
  4. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    I think it's best to say my motivation with the car is waning, work, travel, family and work on the house have ground me down. I cant even be bothered to fit some water hoses and sort out the vacuum......its got that bad. So tomorrow the car is off to HPE Automotive in Bromsgrove for Dan to finish Monday the engine is then with Specialist Components to map and see what she's got (if the turbo can give it enough air)...... Pick a power figure if your bored, I'm going with 400bhp at 11psi and 8000rpm for a giggle and 480bhp at 23psi and 7250rpm. But today I suddenly realised I hadnt fitted the rear clam with the new engine in, and I was off to Germany at lunchtime First fit didn't look too bad at the back But terrible at the front So I found the sabre saw and made it fit. But it hit the wastegate(built when the engine wasn't with the car so can't complain) I gave accepted I will be losing the boot so will fabricate, sorry asked Dan to fabricate something to lock the hatch too. Boot will be exhaust as it was way too loud before
  5. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Got the Elise out today and did some work at home Put the engine cover on and it will be tight but the HPFP pressure sensor and the wastegate both it (when level) but need to get the rear clam on to check I have the Duratec Silicone Hoses from Essex Autosport and tried to get them to fit. I got very confused until i realised the Ecoboost water inlet and outlet are on the opposite side to the Elise so after doing some searches (yes i know) of the Duratec builds i saw the swap of water pipes. With some pipework from the rover i managed to get it all set up This makes it a little congested under the inlet, as the water pipes Swap over, the oil cooler water pipes, the remote filter pipes and the throttle body inlet. Fitted the starter and it fouls the bell housing adaptor, bit strange but an easy fix Also looked at fitting the fuel pump, and the hole is too small, i think i will go for the easy option of cutting the top rather than dropping to the tank (as no ramp)
  6. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    The new fuel pump turned up today, big thanks to Gaz at Spitfire Engineering. This (small) pump should provide enough fuel for 500bhp at 3.5bar and Gaz kindly sent me a complete unit, i have to send my old unit back. I went for the Deutschewerks pump This will save me a swirl pot, lots of fuel pipes and i dont need the Bosch Motorsport pump i had on the T series. Hoping to have the car wired up to the ECU and Ford Loom next week
  7. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Ive been trying to find someone who can do it all locally, but they are few and far between, but Ian was recommended by a well known engine builder and turns out he is an old school friend of a friend. Have someone local thats Ex Omex and is good with looms so its off to him soon. But if you had yours finished what would you do and talk about ? Got the inlet and the turbo on today Looks like it was meant to be in there, lot of room for the turbo and inlet was fitted in 30 mins as it went through the inspection hole Wiring is now being sorted and I'll plumb in the water and oil hoses when home
  8. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Wow, you go away for holiday and leave the car with a man and shit gets done.......why didnt i do this before Anyways, engine mounts are now made and engine is in the car. Turbo hasnt been fitted but i see no reason why it wont fit Drive shafts fitted all ok, no rubbing (unlike duratecs so i am told) No idea what this lug is but seems to be ok Wiring next
  9. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    I now have the engine at home, I need to add in some oil and water pipes to the turbo and tidy up the breathers JEK Fabrications made the exhaust manifold, oil return and also the brace which is rose jointed to allow movement due to heat. I have also looked at the PCV breather and added in an oil pressure sensor (only comes with temp as std) and I need to seal all the joints Then I need a TMAP sensor, Lambda sensor and stuck whether I ship it back to Specialist Components for mapping (where their normal dyno has a long waiting list) or book it in to make the engine mounts, get the engine running (2 month waiting list) on the std map and then drive to SC to have it mapped. Ideally I ship it to SC and they get it back in 2 months and I get the engine installed but I don't think the way the project has run its that easy
  10. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Finally getting the manifold made, this was the first attempt. I didnt like how much it stuck out and how the turbo was rotated So second attempt looks a lot better
  11. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    So today i have the, first production dash fitted to the car and wow....just wow....i mean like wow First off was the box Then the contents, the dash on the top and the wiring below I've spoken to Alec about how to control, and whilst you can use the trip reset and indicators he asked if i would like a small joystick for moving around the dash, i said yes a small discreet one with a push button so he supplied this. Idea is to have it mounted on the dash or just use it when you need it and plug it in Next was fitting it to the standard mount The original dash was taken out a few months ago and sent to Alec so fitting the new dash took about 30 mins Fit and finish are pretty damn good and the graphics are awesome, the dash can take up to 6 screen designs (one of which i designed myself and Alec made for me), and then the 7th is the data logger Took some photos, from afar, sun light was straight ahead but not direct sunlight but the dash was more than bright enough Overall very very happy and it has more features that you can shake a stick at, everything was plug and play and worked However i dont have an engine in the car, so couldnt test drive it
  12. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Sounds a similar spec to mine, mine did a 12.8 1/4 mile which was 0.4 secs faster than an R8 v8 on the same day It hit its rev limiter in 5th which was 171mph You can get a 1.8 turbo mapped to 210bhp and they'll do 13.2 1/4 miles for about 1500 built
  13. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    I had a vvc metro for my stag do, we had a 250 budget for a car and I got that. Was on std suspension so wasnt great and my best man blew the engine on a straight as a plug was loose. Got it home and ended up with a 1.4 k series turbo and 292bhp. Should never of sold it but like you I wanted an Elise, which I seem to of got carried away with
  14. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Today is a good day Custom dash is nearly ready and i was asked if i wanted a custom screen so i got a pen and a fag packet and drew, like a 5 year old, what i'd like on the back. a few weeks later and this is what has been done, at startup the 111ST logo is shown on boot up (not for long but if first boot it takes a few moments longer i am told), at the redline the welsh dragon appears in the middle (something the designer and I share heritage from so seemed apt and its a dragon !!) and the third and last screen is as per my request. 1st is copy of std dash, for road use but all the parameters shown on 3rd screen (track screen) can be show also on the 1st screen. Oil pressure gauge is duplicated a few times but will be replaced with air temp, battery voltage and something else. Its all plug and play with the analogue inputs, fuel etc and plugs directly to my ECU and will show all parameters it does. Could not be happier, and i cant thank Alec enough for doing this
  15. Dj Wilmas T Series 111S S2 400Bhp Ish

    Had a mad thought today as i realised i havent fitted the custom flywheel, helix clutch (Rover T series) and gearbox (PG1 but C4 u spec) all together Good news is it all fits, gearbox input shaft meshes with the clutch friction plate and everything seems to be ok Obviously wont know its all perfect until its in and i have pressure on the clutch. But the signs are good Good news is the engine is now pencilled in for the dyno with specialist components, and i have found a nice man to make the turbo adaptor. Plan is to have one made in stainless steel, to the best guess, get the engine dyno'd and hope it fits when the engine goes in. Then make one out of inconel for the long term.

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