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  1. Bronze level is the way to go. I dropped a subtle hint just before Christmas last year and received a LDA voucher in my stocking. I was booked on one of the courses running in June this year but got cancelled in late May by LDA as they were still closed at the time. I was sent a voucher code, so am planning to rebook for mid-summer 2021. I'm really looking forward to it and hoping that the new facilities will be open by then, but I wonder if the Control Tower will still be there; I’ve read that it has terminal concrete cancer so will be demolished sadly.
  2. EuropaSman

    Europa S Larini Exhaust

    Photos of a full Larini exhaust installation on a Europa S
  3. EuropaSman

    Europa At Donington Park

    Random snaps of two Europa S's from 2007/2008 taken when walking around the paddock between/after watching races.
  4. EuropaSman

    Europa At 60 Years Of Lotus

    Photos of two Europa cars plus a "mirrored car" styling model taken at the 60th anniversary open day at Hethel in 2008.
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