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  1. Next up was to test fit the VW engine and find out where it was best suited for fitting before making up the engine mounts, I wanted the engine as low as possible and as far forward as possible, but I still had to leave enough room to fit the Inlet manifold and throttle body as well as thinking about the driveshaft position and making sure that the engine was sitting square in the chassis. This all turned out to be a bit of a head scratcher at times! It took me a couple of hours messing around with jacks and wooden blocks getting the engine sat just right, and then I could make the mounts. I have used Landrover Defender engine mounting rubbers as these are very strong and very simple in design, oh and at £4.00 each pretty cheap too I fiited 2 mounting rubbers to the O/S as there is 2 holes in the chassis plate 130mm apart and I figured that the g/box being at the N/S the O/S would be the heaviest, also with using 2 mounts together it stops the engine from rocking. The N/S uses just the 1 mounting rubber. With the mounting rubbers bolted down to the chassis I began fabricating the mounts, starting with the o/s I cut a piece of 70mm x 8mm thick plate 175mm long to fit over the mounting rubbers and drilled 2 11mm holes in them at the correct centers and bolted it down onto the mounting rubbers, then i used the remainder of the plate to fabricate an angled bracket to weld onto the plate bolted to the rubbers. The bracket was then removed and welded up and strengthening gussets added.
  2. Dazzx10r

    Engine Removal

    After marking up all of the electrical conections and removing the exhaust, gear shift cables, clutch slave cylinder and throttle cable the engine was finally rready for lifting out, I had a bit of trouble removing the o/s engine mount and the bottom gearbox mount as they were siezed in but luckily a bit of heat from the old oxy/propane soon sorted this I have a lifting beam in my garage and a 1.5t block and tackle, so lifting the engine out was a doddle!
  3. I removed the rear clam, I thought this would be quite a daunting task, but it was real quite straight forward othe than a couple of siezed bolts. I started following the guide on seloc but after 10 mins I soon realised that thier guide was based on a S1 so was'nt all that rellevant. I'm not going to start writing a step by step guide on how to remove the clam as It was over a month ago when I took it off! After taking the clam off I made a start on removing the exhaust then onto disconecting the wiring loom, I used masking tape to label up all of the conections as I came to disconect them. After a short while the engine was ready for lifting out.
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