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  1. Don't know many 22 year olds who can look after themselves never mind do that. They gave us the opportunity to be the people we are today and a lot are a bloody disappointment!
  2. I can't imagine what this is costing! I'm just bloody jealous
  3. The numbers might help!
  4. Thanks for all the info. He hasn't accepted my offer to what I think it's worth and it's still for sale so maybe he'll come back to me at some point. There will always be another but I think I need to drive a few more to decide which model is right for me.
  5. It's not replacing anything ) I've just always fancied a Vauxhall powered Caterham since when they were new in the early 90's. They also look a pretty good bet to hold value, so if I don't get on with it I could always get out of it with minimum financial loss. Which model would you reccomend? This one is around the money I'm willing to part with!
  6. I know there's one or two of you that have Caterham's. I'm in negotiations for this: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/142261753553?_mwBanner=1 Can anyone let me know what they think it's worth? Are they a decent bet to continue going up in value?
  7. Think I'd be swapping as a front pair and new. Loads of places 'Elise Parts' is a good start. Not particularly expensive to be messing around buying used.
  8. Would be interested to know what the car was? pm me if you like please.
  9. I think you're hoping rather than believing You're above comment is your only chance at that money but be very careful that you buy something for £30k and have to spend £3-5k plus sorting it. My guess and from the recent S1 taken off the market is £35k plus all day long and before you know it they'll be £50k. I'd have no problem buying one again at £35k plus and wouldn't be worried in the slightest as to where the market is going and when it goes it will go fast.....UP! Just stop worrying about values, find one at a price you feel comfortable and buy it!
  10. I understand that thinking, especially if you're wanting to use it in anger.
  11. It depends how well they've been set up, what you are using it for and what you're comparing it too. MattyB the fact that you want another says it all
  12. Excellent news! Onwards and upwards
  13. Not at the moment I'm afraid. Personally I think you're going to have to up your budget, unless you are very lucky.
  14. Here's my black one for some motivation for you
  15. If they've been stored correctly, then they will be fine. Which I'm sure they will have. Who amongst us changes their tyres because of the manufacturing date and not because of tyre wear? I'm not talking oringinal Pirelli's!!