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  1. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Amazing as ever!
  2. battery disconnects

    Looks good, interested to see where it’s going to fit. I would possibly want one of the brackets please or maybe two
  3. Elise S2 canvas roof

    If the Ebay roof is not as described just open a PayPal case. (If you paid by PayPal!) You will get you’re money back quite easily.
  4. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Love the seats and you could always add the light pod later. Live with it for a bit and see if you get ‘bored’.
  5. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Sounds good, hope it’s eveything you want it to be.
  6. MLOC mourns

    I’d be more worried about your toes!
  7. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    Simply lovely How does it drive? All ok or anything need sorting? What’s the mileage etc...
  8. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    That’s a beauty, well done! Proper colour as well
  9. battery disconnects

    Interested to see that, as I’m always worried about keeping them on charge in our integral garage.
  10. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    I’ll drop mine off, when you’ve finished yours.
  11. Drage Thompson

  12. I'm sure I've seen you in Wingerworth? You need a black Lotus nose badge!
  13. S1 Exige - Engine Type / Number Confirmation

    Ah ok that's a shame. Could you pm me the details please? I probably sounded a bit harsh on the other thread, it wasn't meant to be. You might have to compromise to get one. I wouldn't get too hung up on spec, other than Motorsport seats and 190 upgrade but even those can be added.
  14. Introductions / S1 Exige Wanted

    I think we all knew they had to go up at some point but to this level nobody could have predicted! I think they'll go even more over the next couple of years and that's both Exige and 340R. Sorry I'm not helping Leigh!
  15. S1 Exige - Engine Type / Number Confirmation

    Did you not buy it?