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  1. Key fob badge

    No problem, hope they sort you out.
  2. Key fob badge

    Have a look at this auction number on eBay 253949993890. Copy and paste it into the search bar on eBay. This is a 20mm one but they make them and I’m sure they’d do you a 10mm one if you asked nicely.
  3. S3 dash removal

    Seems a bit extreme to be removing the dash! Post a pic, so we can see the dilemma. Personally if I had to remove the dash I’d be leaving it.
  4. Winter work.

    I don’t know how any of you find the time! What am I doing wrong?
  5. 340R Wheels

    My thoughts exactly! Seems Steve hasn’t got over not getting them!
  6. 340R Wheels

    Don’t think he was very happy with me getting them!!
  7. 340R Wheels

    He’s still got 3 and still on the look out.
  8. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    I think you've priced it too low. Think you'll sell it pretty quickly at that price, good luck!
  9. 340R Wheels

    Ok thanks I’ll whizz him a message.
  10. 340R Wheels

    Ok Leigh, I suppose no harm in messaging. I might just pop a wanted ad up.
  11. 340R Wheels

    Perfect thanks
  12. 340R Wheels

    Which forum is he on? Username? Thanks
  13. 340R Wheels

    Thanks chaps, they are absolutely mint bar one chip. Might swap them over as mine aren’t as good as these. You forget how bloody light they are. I stuck my number in the comments section as I had an idea that he wouldn’t be able to see u2u’s with him not having posted before. I didn’t pay full asking either, so all good. You don’t fancy asking the question do you please? I don’t know him. TIA
  14. 340R Wheels

    I haven’t seen any for sale for four years now, so difficult to value them. The chap I bought them off has sold his 340 but the reason for three, was he took it in for a service at Stratstones a few years ago and they crashed it knackering the rear alloy amongst other stuff. They couldn’t find a set or a single wheel, so he ended up with delivery wheels. He was pissed to say the least!!
  15. 340R Wheels

    I haven’t Dean. I’ve never been on Facebook. Bloke at the 70th was trying to get me to join the group.

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