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  1. I'm sure I've seen you in Wingerworth? You need a black Lotus nose badge!
  2. Ah ok that's a shame. Could you pm me the details please? I probably sounded a bit harsh on the other thread, it wasn't meant to be. You might have to compromise to get one. I wouldn't get too hung up on spec, other than Motorsport seats and 190 upgrade but even those can be added.
  3. I think we all knew they had to go up at some point but to this level nobody could have predicted! I think they'll go even more over the next couple of years and that's both Exige and 340R. Sorry I'm not helping Leigh!
  4. Did you not buy it?
  5. The prize is you didn't sell yours! Breathes sigh of relief!
  6. Hi Tim, Just sent you a PM. Cheers
  7. Don't need a debate, latest one for sale £58.5k at Maidstone Sports Cars. He who hesitates.....
  8. Loving the slatwall! Good idea! Plus this car continues to amaze me.
  9. Yes, I'm just being greedy!
  10. Ah ok, drop me a pm with the details if you don't buy it please.
  11. Didn't know there were any for sale at the moment? Which car is it please?
  12. Jon is brilliant and will have that sorted in no time. Anyone wondering where to go for a service in Leicester he's your man. I drive from Chesterfield to see him, that's how good he is.
  13. Don't know many 22 year olds who can look after themselves never mind do that. They gave us the opportunity to be the people we are today and a lot are a bloody disappointment!
  14. I can't imagine what this is costing! I'm just bloody jealous
  15. The numbers might help!