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  1. The Cakes

    Thoughts on my new motor - NLC

    Very nice and very clean!
  2. The Cakes

    Europa S Owners.

    Dark thoughts again Kurt! 😂 Evora out of the equation now or are you thinking the Europa to sit along side the Exige?
  3. The Cakes

    Hardtop anyone?

    Yup, sure does 👍🏻
  4. The Cakes

    Hardtop anyone?

    Send him a message? He started it at £750. Maybe £650 then but still worth it.
  5. The Cakes

    Hardtop anyone?

    EBAY item number 273654793930 £699 with best offer, reckon he’d take £600 it’s been on a while. Even at £699 still reasonable but depends if you can wait for the odd bargain that crop up.
  6. The Cakes

    GRP GT Rear Lights

    Not normally a fan of aftermarket stuff but these are how they should have been from day 1. Really very good 🙌
  7. The Cakes

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Good decision 👌 When are you selling me the S2? 🤷‍♂️ 😊
  8. The Cakes

    Elise S1 Wipers... again

    Just don’t drive it in the rain, sorted!
  9. The Cakes

    Lotus elan S4 dash removal.....

    Interesting stuff, wish I had the time and patience. Always thought about buying a Sprint, as that was what started my Lotus adventure. My uncle had a red over white Sprint going back 38 years, when I was 6!! Never forget it.
  10. The Cakes

    S2 Elise roof on V6?

    No problem, they probably had a shed load left over at the factory 😂 like most parts!
  11. The Cakes

    S2 Elise roof on V6?

    Yes, S2 roof fits.
  12. The Cakes

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Sent you a pm
  13. The Cakes

    Key fob badge

  14. The Cakes

    Key fob badge

    Perfect, you got sorted then.
  15. The Cakes

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Yup times change and sometimes very quickly. If you haven’t driven the S2 for that long then it’s a no brainer especially looking at it and the spec, get it bought you only live once. I’ve got a similar situation with a Ferrari California, wealthy owner hasn’t got on with it and I could buy that for a very good price, 2+2 and it’s a 2016 plate. Probably wouldn’t be my first choice F car but I could probably have nearly 18 months free motoring.

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