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  1. One of many threads over the years on Seloc, which goes in line with my experience: https://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=470042&page=1#pid8316004
  2. I’ve had battery’s last far longer than that. CTEK are renowned for being poor. Lots of other far cheaper options out there, which are known to last longer and easier to use. I’ve had two CTEK fail and so far none of the Aldi / Lidl variants have failed in the last 4/5 years.
  3. And get rid of your CTEK charger as that is probably why your battery is knackered. Get an Aldi or Lidl one for around a tenner or your new battery will end up the same.
  4. Especially if he’s following you!
  5. You’ll need to remember where your car is first 😂
  6. Looks good to me and neat. Could do with strapping some permanently to my wife’s car doors 😂
  7. Nice, always fancied doing this. Without looking how much is bronze and what do you get?
  8. Yes, you too. Only seems like yesterday when Mike was running his in!!
  9. Not going to be seen on a track near you any time soon 😂
  10. Have you been praying he leaves it another week? 😂
  11. Haha The question is did you fix it? 😂
  12. Jesus, I haven't written that much since I left school!! 🤣 Good effort and I'm sure will be very helpful for some. Probably easier just to drop it off with Gav!
  13. Bloody lovely 👌🏻
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