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  1. Looks like he’s rounded them up 😂
  2. Used a well known spray shop in Burton with good reviews and they were shit, ended up down the small claims route but found a one man band local to me in Chesterfield who is very experienced and takes pride in the finished article and like I said that’s the key. If they can be bothered it will be as good as option 1. Repairing fibreglass and spraying cars isn’t rocket science.
  3. I’m in Chesterfield and I travel to Gav at Unit 4 in Burton. Worth the trip 👍🏻
  4. I’m a bit confused if you‘ve got a warranty why are you worried about the labour charge? Just get them to sort it.
  5. Heard nothing but good things about them but the quote they gave me was on the very high side. People get hung up on repairing fibreglass, I’ve said this before if they have experience of fibreglass and they can be bothered to do the job properly any sprayer can do it. It’s finding someone who can be bothered though.
  6. Just like being at work. 😂
  7. Just added some from the last run. Sorry if I added any that were taken by someone else. If you know they are yours, you can obviously have the credit if they make it to the calendar.
  8. Everything will be fine I’m sure. Good to have it confirmed though, fingers crossed for you.
  9. I know this doesn’t really help as you need firm evidence but I would say it’s pretty normal after a re-build. Surely there has to be some form of debris in there, fingers crossed that’s all it is.
  10. What oil temps were you getting? I had a similar worry with the Integrale at 105-110 degs but apparently it’s normal.
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