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  1. I’d be ringing every franchised dealer and tell them what you want to pay. Try Ben & Tom at JCT600 Leeds Lotus, they’re usually up for a deal. Especially in the middle of winter!
  2. Looking at 2017 cars they are at dealers for £38k so realistically private £35/36k. You’ve lost 14/15k in two years. All it comes down to is personal preference and your circumstance. If you can afford to lose £14/15k in two years then you have your answer. Forget the lure of the 50/50 deal, you’re still lumping £50k into a car! Personally buying new cars especially Lotus has never been for me and one or two on here will tell you I’ve bought a few!! If you watch the used market very closely I dare say you could pick a 250 Cup up and use it for it a year or more and sell it for the same money.
  3. I wouldn’t discount a used one as Scott says above. Starting at £35k if you’re patient, there was a white one recently at that money. That’s £15k difference between a new one! Will Blackham has a green one as well which looks very nice @ £39k.
  4. Think that rear clam would have been the death of me 😂 As always, amazing stuff!
  5. That cake is fantastic! Happy 50th 🙌
  6. Sorry didn't see the long tail bit 🙈
  7. From memory I think the VX220 part is cheaper (exactly the same). Google is your friend.
  8. From what I’ve read, street series aren’t great on the road in comparison to Bilstein. If you’re prepared to go up the next level Nitron NTR, which I have on my Exige are great and absorb bumpy roads quite well, certainly better than Bilstein on the correct setting. Don’t ask me what my spring rates are as I can’t remember.
  9. £114 from memory, which I didn’t think was too bad. Plus £20 for the bracket and Gav did a cracking job fitting it, including a neat cut off switch.
  10. I’ve got a couple of Odyssey batteries PC625 and the 680 both on road cars and both very good. I do keep them on trickle charge though. The 625 is smaller but better cranking from memory.
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