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Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

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  1. i presume they are lotus approved , so use lotus trained technicians ??????
  2. my first choice was pjs but was struggling to do it on a saturday ive used unit 4 on my previous lotus but wanted an approved dealer for my service history
  3. well mines another yellow but thats 3 , so only 24 more kicking about some where ?
  4. any one use central lotus for servicing ? are they ok ?
  5. i think lotus s look better in solid colours but each to there own .........
  6. deffo do it , but not that colour ?
  7. lets see what your giving up ???
  8. i emailed lotus marketing yesterday and can confirm there are only 27 , 20 th anniversary elises in the uk ??????
  9. yes
  10. place called reep in leicester , ive just got a quote, not cheap !
  11. any one know how many 20 th anniversary s were produced ????
  12. cheers ,lol do you know how may 20 th anniversaries there are ?
  13. viewed the car this morning , its stunning ?
  14. i could have got it this weekend but it would mean leaving in in a public car park in blackpool on saturday night which i wont do !!