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  1. IAN G

    back to lotus !

    the m2 is a great car but i just cant seem to gel with it , it looks and sounds amazing , great build quality and tech is fantastic but to drive its not lotus like at all , its a good drive traction and handling is superb
  2. IAN G

    back to lotus !

    hi guys although my m2 is a cracking car ive decided to look around for another lotus , im looking for an s3 exige v6 so hopefully come spring ill be joining you guys again for sunday morning runs 😎
  3. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    mines a manual too , test drove the dct and did nt like it ! ive had vw/audi dsg s in the past and was getting fed up with it back then if you can make the next rutland meet im going to meet for the breakfast could make it a sub mini m2 meet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    what do you think ? i read lots of reviews and could nt find a bad one ! dct or manual ?
  5. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    ill come to next rutland meet for some breakfast 😎 i fancied an exige but the ones i wanred were way out of my spend and to be honest not that different to my elise for a lot more money i drove the M2 and wow what a car !
  6. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    no thats not out yet , its got full m performance pack though , lots of carbon fibre and exhaust system
  7. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    i know what you mean with the tyres , its a lot to do with the continentals that come on them oem , as part of the deal ive had a new set of michelin pilot super sports fitted for when i pick it up ive spoken to ray and the next rutland water run you do , ill meet up for breakfast😎
  8. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    have you got an m2 ?
  9. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    may be , the m2 unlike other bmw s is nt really a grown up car , in fact its an animal , ive never been a big bmw fan but the m2 is bmw s game changer
  10. IAN G

    leaving lotus ..... for a while

    im gutted to have missed this ( in benidorm ) looking at all the pics is giving me 2nd thoughts πŸ˜‚
  11. im not one for keeping my cars long and what may be a rush decision ive decided to part with my 20th anniversary elise i looked at an s3 exige S but then .... i test drove a bmw M2 and was blown away by the whole thing along with awesome car and a really good deal on the lotus i sealed the deal 😎
  12. IAN G

    Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    speak with the guys at wheel specialists in leicester , ive delt with them a few times , they are great guys and girl and are brilliant at what they do
  13. IAN G

    S1 Under Seat Carpet

    i put dyno mat on mine and covered it with β€œ campervan β€œ carpet , done the fire wall behind the seats too , makes a big difference to road noise
  14. IAN G

    340r recommission

    leigh , i really should have brought yours , stunning car ❀️

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