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  1. Back to the fold

    oh and got the old man gearbox with the paddles cus I'm old but still quick !!!!
  2. Back to the fold

    hi guys, now in a exige v6 sport 350, in ferrari red looks awesome, will post some pics soon got 65miles on the clock now and already started modding.....
  3. Back to the fold

    Hi, back in a exige after a 4 year break, previous lotus was a exige 260 RGB, ended up selling it as got bit fed up with driving around in a milk crate noisey, windows steaming up all the time, PIA to get in and out, few reliability issues, but hey can't get the brand out of my head i have owned loads of performance cars and nothing yes nothing comes close to a exige for pace on our modern roads, i have never driven anything that can cover ground as quick as my previous exige, i remember well the first visit/runout to that big Derbyshire mansion ( think Dean organised the event) where we became really good friends with a couple we met there Bruce & Andie, me and Bruce ( also in a RGB) went on to begin our racing careers where he regularly got his arse kicked by his older buddy, Anyways was looking at doing the wales run this sunday but family commitments are getting in the way and its forecast f****g rain it always rains in wales but its a beautiful area to drive through, i could always arrange a wales run later in the year and i know some breathtaking routes, would like to say hello to Dean you prob can't remember me but that was hell of a day you organised i can't even remember the name of the place we ended up but i can remember Bruce moaning/wanting to join us in the fast group at the front!!, hello all and looking forward to covering some miles.....

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