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  1. Martin, Donation made and I'm sorry for your loss mate, never easy to lose any family member. Don't think there are many people out there that haven't been touched by this sh@t of a disease in one way or another! All the best for 2017 Paul and Helen
  2. Merry Christmas all
  3. First Class Alloys - Paul 07983 761111 paul@1stclassalloys.co.uk
  4. Mark, If your coming on Thursday I'll quite happily bring the Evora
  5. Mr Fox what have you been up to ! ! !
  6. Welcome aboard !
  7. Mike had no plans on parting with his on the day and the rest is as they say . . . . History.
  8. Thanks Mr Fox. I've got a funny feeling I'll be out and about all weekend
  9. It sure is Martin It's an S. IPSSee you over the weekend ! Mike should be working for Central Lotus with his convincing chats at LiTP. I owe that man a beer
  10. Thanks to Mike and his powers of persuasion at LiTP I've taken the plunge
  11. Chris, Can't see admin objecting to this so come on guys dig deep. One form or another most of us will know someone that has been touched by this sh#t of a disease. Good luck and get sharing !
  12. DJ Fox that is brilliant. Love it !
  13. Looking good Mr Fox, keep them coming!